Carnage Heart PS Cheats

Be the Bot:

In battle press Select, then press Select 11 more times. What was previously 'camera' is now 'control.' You can switch from automatic to manual. In battle you can control a different OKE of yours by pressing L2, and the OKE that you were controlling is now switched back to automatic.

Here's how you control the OKE:

Up, Down -- forward, back

L, R -- turn left,right

L1+L -- move left

L1+R -- move right

L1+Up -- change altitude

L1+Down -- change altitude

Square -- grapple

Triangle -- jump

X -- fire main weapon

Circle -- duck

R2+Triangle -- fire sub weapon

R2+X -- fire s.w. x2

R2+Circle -- fire s.w. x3

R2+Square -- fire s.w. x4

Thanks to Revolution reader Tom B.!