CART World Series PS Cheats

These should be entered as the driver name in the Create Driver screen:

BANZAI No car collision
EPILEPTI Grid track(s)
FAT TIRE Fat wheels
FEATHER 3/4 Gravity
GEK Two lap races
IMMORTAL Invincible
NIGHTRID Night tracks
PUSHBUTT Dual-analog controls
RADBRAD Better gravity
ROOSTER Extra paint styles
SPACERID Space tracks
STONE Double gravity
SUNNYSKY Sunset tracks
WHEELS Just wheels
WINNER Win race


Funny Stuff:

Go to any track and start driving the wrong way, when you crash into people

it will knock pieces of their car off. Keep doing this until several cars have

no wheels. Soon you will see cars driving around the track with no wheels, it’s


Thanks to Revolution readers Scott Rohn, Matt Fullerton and Christian Stang!