Casper PS Cheats

Cheat Mode:

To view different cheat options, press L2, L1, R1, R1, Triangle, Triangle, then

hold X.

Free movement:

Move Casper to the upper left corner of any game location. Hold Up/Left + L1

+ R1 + Start to pause the game. Release Up/Left + L1, and press Down/Right +

Triangle while continuing to hold R1+ Start. The game will resume in free movement

mode. Press R1, then use the D-pad to fly over any wall. Press L1 to resume

normal game play.

Faster Movement:

Hold Triangle and press X, R1, R1, R1 during game play. *The inventory screen

will pop up as you input the code.


While Free Movement mode is activated (drift over walls) go to the main hall

and go up the left set of stairs. At the top of the stairs, stop behind the

door and drift up until you’re off the screen. Now move towards the screen (down)

as if you were going to go down the stairs, keep going down until you come to

a room filled with everything you could possibly need. Brass & Iron Keys, Broccoli,

Lead weights, all the morph icons and all the items for beating the bosses.

GameShark Codes

Brass Key       8007ea2c0001

Infinite Health 8007f01c0064

Iron Key        8007ea280001

Thanks to Revolution readers Dino, Antony Wilson and QTPie!