Colin McRae Rally 2.0 PS Cheats

Colin McRae Rally 2.0


At the Create New Driver Profile enter the following.

Code               Result

All cars Hellocleveland All levels Rorrimskcart Mirrored tracks Jobinitaly Mini Cooper Offroad Lancer road car Jimmyscar Sierra Cosworth Coolestcar Ford Puma

The cheats below are for Time Trial & Single Stage Modes. At the cheat option

screen enter the following.

Rubbertrees        Bouncing collisions 
Easyroller         Monster truck wheels  
Moonlander         Low gravity 
Rocketfuel         Turbo mode 
Prunejuice         Faster game 

The cheats below are for Arcade Mode.

Greatballsof       Shoot fireballs 
Neuralnightmare    Aggressive CPU cars 

Thanks to Revolution reader Colin!