Colony Wars III: Red Sun PS Cheats

Colony Wars III: Red Sun


Cheat Code Option:

Go to the “Home Station” and press R2, R2, L2, L2, R1, R2, Select, Select.

Greyam Beard    All ships
Break and Enter All Ships and weapons
Big Daddy       All weapons during mission
Armoury         All weapons on upgrade screen
Rockwrok        Weapons dont over heat
Jalferezi       Infinite afterburner
Move House      Move to other Hub Stations
Sly n Devious   Infinite secondary weapons
Quickie         To skip mission
Infinite SheildsAwrate


Lot’sa Flares:

Now, buy an ECM pod(You know, the missile defense pod )and 10 decoy flares

(The things that save your life by pressing L2, R2, and square simultaneously).

Launching the pod will take 10 flares, but pick the pod up and you will

have double the amount it used to launch. Keep doing this till you have

80 or something, but there’s a catch: You can win the battle, but your

flares go back to 10 at the minute the battle is over.

GameShark Codes

Max Kill Score     800426120063

Unlock Everything  30041b290001

Infinite Sheilds   8004d4783500

Press X for Infinite Ammo
Infinite Credits   8004261ce0ff

Special thanks to Revolution reader Smokey, The Big Kahn, Nathan Jon Fernandez

and SpazYama46!