Colony Wars: Vengeance PS Cheats

Enter the following as Passwords:

Dark*Angel   No Gun Overheat
Vampire      Infinite Energy
Chimera      Infinite Secondary Weapons
Avalanche    Infinite Afterburners
Thunderchild All Fighters Available
Tornado      All Weapons On
Blizzard     All cheats on (All the above cheats)
Stormlord    All cheats off
Hydra99 power units
DemonMission and movie select
TsunamiOne shot kills

GameShark Codes

Infinite Assign Power Points800c4d040008

Infinite Shields80045fb40064

Weapon in Position 1 Never8012e21c0000

Weapon in Position 2 Never8012e2740000

Weapon in Position 3 Never8012e2cc0000

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