Countdown Vampires PS Cheats

Countdown Vampires


Play as Vampire Keith:

As a first name enter Prince. As a last name enter Darkness to play as Vampire

Keith with only a powered-up stun glove and some punch-type moves.

Infinite Keith:

As a first name enter Burger. As a last name enter Chicky and you will be

able to play as Keith with infinite life and infinite ammo.

Hidden Graphics:

As a first name enter Yuka. As a last name enterKobayashi . Get to the computer

at the second or further save point to view actress Yuka Kobayashi, from

whom Misato was based on. Two pictures will appear at each save point after

the second one.

Alternate Ending:

To view an alternate ending let Geils kill you.

Special Mode:

Beat the game in under seven hours to unlock special mode.

Blood type and Vampires:

Selecting a blood type (A, B, O, or AB) at the start of the game will have

an effect on the type and difficulty of the vampires that will be encounted

during the game.

GameShark Codes

Lots of Cash    800B3F38270F
Stop Timer      800CEB980017

Infinite Health 800B3F2E0064
Item Modifier

For the item codes below replace xxx with: 065-Stun Globe 066-Stan-1A

067-P99 069-AR15A3 06a-.44 Magnum 06b-M60 LMG 06d-M37SS 070-OS10B 071-Dart

A 072-Dart B 073-9mm Bullets 075-.223 Bullets 076-.44 Magnum Bullets 078-12-Guage

Bullets 0c9-Drink 0ca-Food 0ce-Full Bottle 12e-Cheryl ID 12f-Susie ID 130-Nancy

ID 131-Leagan ID 132-Sydney ID 134-Spear Key 135-Keno Ticket 136-Show Stage

Key 137-#9 Card 138-#4 Card

Slots 1 thru 12: 800b3f420xxx


Thanks to Revolution reader D and yoota!