Crash Bash PS Cheats

Crash Bash


Spyro: Year of The Dragon Demo:
When you are in Sony Computer Entertainment Europe presents-screen, press
and hold L1, R1 and Start and press Square.


Snow Bash-Level:
The best way to beat Snow Bash-level’s trophy challenge is to wake up Penta
and go first to the corner and when Penta is rolling around, go to the center
of level
and when Penta is coming back, go back to the corner. Your opponents might
been hit by Penta.

The best way to complete Dash-levels trophy challenge is to just drive normally
to goal.

Platinum Relic Challenge:
Collect 17 gold relics to get Platinum Relic Challenge. Now the levels are
harder than in Gold Relic Challenge and you MUST WIN THREE ROUNDS IN A ROW!


Thanks to Revolution reader Janne Lundberg!