Danger Girl PS Cheats

Danger Girl



At the pause menu, hold R1 and press X, Circle, X.

Unlock All Levels:

At main menu, press L1, R2, L2, R1, Circle, Square, Triangle, Triangle,

and then L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 at the same time.


Quest Item:

After you beat the game you can find icons with the logo of Danger Girl,

these icons are the cheats, that help to win the game here are some of them:

-Rumble in the Jungle-

In the level one, use the control of the mansion, in the giant

curtain in the left a secret place is opened. The first cheat

is activated.

-Finders Keepers-

In the level two, after you defeat the three guys at the begin

of the level, go inside take the large med. pack and get the AK

ammo that guy drops, Head out and go to the right and the door

will open automatically, shoot in the duct of ventilation. The

second cheat is activated.

-Rigged to Blow-

In the level three, after you stop the first bomb, use the elevator

and faced the bomb, during the elevator down, jump and press action

so that you can get the quest item. The slow motion cheat is activated.

-Caution Curves Ahead-

Look for it near the second hostage situation you will find that the

invincibility cheat has been activated in the cheat menu.

-Danger Discovery-

Before of the end of the level, when the door after Upload Hammer

Data, check for the other side of the elevator, when you are up,

you need to jump and press the action button or you’re fall down

the cheat has been activated.


In the begining of the level you are in front of a boxes climb up

and try to enter with a jump in the place fences at the right, you

can find the granade launcher and the quest item, the cheat has been



When you’re in front of a “Buda” (a fat men of the chinese mythology)

below the brige in the water are the cheat has been activated.

GameShark Codes

Infinite Health             80061b402400

Infinite Pistol Ammo        800ef51803e7

Infinite SubMachineGun Ammo 800ef5d803e7

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