Dave Mirra’s Freestyle BMX: Maximum Remix PS Cheats

Dave Mirra’s Freestyle BMX: Maximum Remix


Night Vision Goggles:

To get night vision goggles, stickey biffs, suspension mode, and silly grunts

beat the game with Dave Mirra. To get the rest of the cheats beat the game with

Ryan Nyquest.

Infinite Points:

To do this you have to have the secret bike for your character (I think that’s

the 5th bike). Here’s the tricky part, you must go to a level and do either

a wall tap or a fast plant. Now note that you can control the balance of the

move. Now that you have this done, you must put the move into a certain position.

For the walltap you must be upright (It will look like you stopped on the small

invisble ledge against the wall). For the fastplant you must be perpendicular

to the wall. (It will look like your standing on the wall, if the T.V was sideways).

Now once you get it in the right position for the fastplant, don’t let go of

the over button and for the walltap you just let it go once your in position.

I think the wall tap is harder to do Note: This can’t be done for the wall ride

(I think).

Get All FMVs:

To view FMV from the previous Dave Mirra and the Maximum remix version enter

Circle, X, Sqaure and Select. The FMV option will appear on the screen.

Unlock All Levels:

Hold L1 and L2 for 5 seconds wile game load’s to unlock all levels

Character Special Moves:

Leigh Ramsdell-
Double Frontflip: Up, Up, Up, Square.
1 Handed Decade: Left, Right, Left, Right, Square.


Unlock The Lunch Lady:

Beat the game with Leigh Ramsdell.

Unlock 80’s Guy:

Beat the Game with ANY 10 characters.

Unlock Dave Osato:

Enter the following at the selection screen Up, Down, Down, Leftt, Right, Circle,

Square, Square.

Unlock TJ Lavin:

Enter the following at the selection screen Down, Down, Up, Up, Left, Right,

Left, Down, Right, Up, Square.


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Phil, Jake Volkoff, Jeremy L., Jack Dreamstone and justin sheets!