Dead or Alive PS Cheats

Extra voices:

Go to training and press start. Set the option so you display the move name to practice. Do every move. When you do the last move, it’ll say “great”. Now go back to options and go to extra config. Go to extra voice. Now select extra for your character. Now when you win, you’ll say something different for your win pose. You can do this for every character.

Get more costumes:

Set your options so that everything is at its default settings. Beat the game

and you’ll achieve one new costume every time. There are a total of 14 for each

female and 5 for each male.

Extra config:

Approximately three hours (3,6,9,12,15…) will give you an extra config in

options mode. When the time in extra config passes a multiple of three, play

and lose so you’ll go back to the Main Menu. It will say you’ll have a new extra


Play as Raidou:

Unlock all characters and costumes. Choose costume 14 (famle) or 5 (male) and

beat the game under Normal difficulty with default settings.

Play as Ayane:

Beat the game with Raidou to unlock Ayane.

Game Shark codes

Infinite Health P180093c30 00a0
Low Health P180093c30 0001
Infinite Health P280093c88 00a0
Low Health P280093c88 0001
Enable Extra Config Menu80092cda 7f40
Extra Voices80092f90 0001
80092f92 0001
80092f94 0001
80092f96 0001
80092f98 0001
80092f9a 0001
80092f9c 0001
80092f9e 0001

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