Diablo PS Cheats

Lots of Gold:

Start a character. Play through until you have gotten at least 4000 gold (though

it works with less). Save the character. Start another character in a two player

game while using your first character as one of the two characters. Drop everything

you want more of (money, weapons, etc.) from the first character (one with money)

and have second character pick up. Save second character, and DO NOT save the

first. Quit. Repeat but use two of the second character. Makes a whole lotta

money. Go nuts.

Item duplication:

In one spot, drop as many items as you can (include the item you wish to duplicate).

Now pick an item you wish to duplicate (must be able to fit in belt) and put

it in your belt. Press X when the item is highlighted then simply press Triangle

to get an extra one of that item.

*Note – the item MUST be in your belt and you can’t drop any duplicated

items without losing them.

Extra Characters:

Beat the game on “Hell” with any character, start a new game right

after and go to Load Character, hold Left and you will get an alternate version

of the character you beat the game (on Hell) with. Beating the game with the

Warrior gives you a Bard, the Sorceror gives you a good version of Adria (the

witch from town) etc.

GameShark Codes

Infinite Gold   d00047ac 0000
800d9388 ffff
d00047ac 0000
8007014c 0000
d00047ac 0000
80070150 0000

Quick Level Gain (Warrior)d00047ac 0000
800d937a 5fff

Quick Level Gain (Rouge)d00047ac 0000
800d937a 4fff

Quick Level Gain (Sorcerer)d00047ac 0000
800d937a 3fff 

All Spells for P1
                800dacd8 ffff
                800dacda ffff
                800dacdc ffff
Infinite Distribution Points
                800D9340 029B

Quick Level Gain Sorcerer
Quick Level Gain Rogue


Thanks to Revolution readers Mangler87, Vandal & Miathan, Sh|nY-Sh|nE, ChuckMan,

Kaku, and Mike W. Coleman!