Digimon Digital World 2 PS Cheats

Digimon Digital World 2



During the game you will be able to trade one Digimon for another. The digimon

you get is usually better than the one you trade.

Trade this       You will receive 
ToyAgumon        SnowAgumon 
Crabmon          Wizardmon 
Numemon          Megadramon 
Garurumon        MangaAngemon 
Nise Drimogemon  Metal Mamemon  
Dark Tyrannomon  Myotismon  

Digimon Level Limit:

to know what’s your new digimon’s level limit after DNA digivolving is a simple

formula. first digimon + second digimon/5 = third digimon. what this means is

that you get the digimon with the lowest level round it to the nearest multiple

of 5, then you divide it by 5 and what you get you added to the digimon of the

highest level and what you get it’s your new digimon’s limit level.

Get DP DNA Digivolve With Another Digimon:

To get Devimon, you DNA digivolve icedevimon 3 times with another digimon. To

get Angemon you DNA digivolve patamon in his champions 8 times he will first

be Ninjamon then Starmon then Wizardmon and finally Angemon. For Gatomon you

DNA digivolve Leomon with Orgemon three times then digivolve Toyagumon to Gatomon.

How to get Metal Trannomon:

First get a Betamon with 6 DP to get Tuskmon at level 11. Then get him to ultimate

at level 21 to get Metal Trannomon. Levels of digivolving- 11 champion, 21 ultimate,

31 mega.

How to get Metalgreymon:

Go to bios domain & you will see Metalgreymon, he will run away. You will see

him again on the boss floor if you go left instead of right. Use the Toy Plane

you received earlier. Make sure you have at least one, or two champion digimon

because he is at EL 21.

How to Get Wargreymon:

When you get megadramon at digimon center and metalgrey at BIOS domain get them

to level 27 and Dna digivole them to Greymon then metalgreymon then wargreymon.

It will have a maxium level of 33.

Omnimon and Baiuhmon and Kimeramon:

To get omnimon dna digivole 20 times to get 20 Dp or pass the game and get him

in Tera Domain. Bauihmon get two digimon to get gotsumon 20 times For 20 DP.

Kimeramon he’s in trea domain a data type. He Appears randomly 1 out of 666

of a chance.

Alternate Ending Seqeunce:

View the opening sequence twice to see Blackwargreymon instead of Wargreymon

in the animation at the beginning of the game. Note: This does not unlock him

during the game.

Buy All Items to Catch Digimon:

Once you get the generator parts in the first room in the dome, talk the man

on the top right. He will sell all the items that you can buy when you join

a club.

Digivoliving Levels:

All Digimon are able to Digivolve at level 11 (Champion), 21 (Ultimate), and

31 (Mega).

Level Up Quicker:

Do not run away from battles and you will earn experience points.Also,fight

stronger Digimon for more experience points.After you defeat Leomon in his dungeon,can

returne a level 5 gazimon and a level 5 gizamon.After defeating these,you gain

39 experience points and 260 bits.NOTE:only use this trick when you have at

least one or two champion Digimon,as they are quite difficult to beat.

Digivolution Points:

Digivolution points detemine what Digimon you will get when you digivolve in

the future. The only way to get DP (Digivolution points) is through DP Up item

or the old fashion DNA Dgivolution. DNA digivolving is better and makes your

Digimon stronger.

How To Get Veemon:

First get augmon from the gold tamer then get biomon. Let them Digivolve,then

Let them DNA digivolve and you will have veemon.

GameShark Codes

Max Bits
8005E628 E0FF
8005E62A 05F5

Max EP Digi-beetle
8005E648 270F
8005E64A 270F 

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