Digimon Digital World PS Cheats

Digimon Digital World


All Digimon:

At the opening menu, press Triangle + Start + Circle + Select. If you do

the code correctly, you’ll hear “I’m finally a DigiMon master!”.

Digivolve into Anything:

While your Digimon is Digivolving, hold Start + Select + Triangle + Square

+ X + Circle. When you see the Digimon’s name flash, press Square. Then

choose your Digivolution from the list.

Quick Digivolving:

It’s fairly simple to make a Digimon grow quicker. Just got to the Green

Gym. Then go to the sign that has a heart on it (boulder moving). Read it

then start. When it starts, press Triangle. Keep repeating this. It takes

a while, but it’s worth it.

See Enemy HP During Battle:

During any battle, hit Select to see how many hit points remain on the enemy

Digimon. Hit Select again to stop the display.

How to get Tyronomon:

First, get an Agumon. Train it until the Hp is 3000 or more. Don’t let it

poo even once. Feed him until its weight is 30 or more. Tip: If you want

your Tyronomon to have more attacks if it digivolve, train its Hp till 4000

or more and Mp 1500 or more.

How to get Angelmon:

Let your digimon die. It will surely leave 5 eggs. Choose the 3rd egg. You

will get Patamon (the 3rd stage of digivolving). Train till its Hp and Mp

is 4500 and more. Don’t let it poo even once. Important: Feed it till its

weight is 20 (not more, not less than it).

How to get Darkmon:

It is very easy. Here are the tips: Get an Agumon. Train it’s Hp and Mp

until it is more than 3000. Don’t let it poo even once. Make it hate you

(scold it as much as the bar has an angry face on it an all the bar turns

blue). As it turns to Darkmon, take care of it carefully because it may

die of anger.

To Get Metal Greymon:

First make sure you have Greymon, Monochromon, Tyranamon, Meramon, or Drimogamon.

Have 10 or less care mistakes Weight 65g Hp 4000, Mp 3000, Offensive Power

500, Defense 500 Speed 300, Brains 300.

How to get Garurumon:

Just let Gabumon with his state very low and let him digivolve to his worst


Insectoid Digimon:

If you wish to have an insectiod digimon, take your digimon to where Kunemon

was when your digimon is tired or sleepy. Then you go right in front of

where Kunemon was in the tree and make your digimon sleep. As soon as he

wakes up he should become kunemon. Note: You have 50% chance of it

becoming a Kunemon.

More Damage with Finishing Attack:

When all of the letters (F-I-N-I-S-H) are under your digimon’s HP and MP,

push the Square button until a circle of yellow light appears around you

digimon. Now keep pushing L1, R1, L1, R1. While you are doing this, a bar

above your digimon’s head should fill up with yellow blocks, and as this

bar fills, the more damage your digimon’s finishing attack will do to the


How to get Drimogemon:

First get Gabumon. Train it until HP are over 3000 and MP is over 1500.

Oh yeah,do NOT let him crap on the ground. His FINISH (without boosting)

takes out 420.

How to get Graymon:

First get a Agumon then train the hp and mp over 3000 or 4000 and scold

it as much a possible then when it digivolvs it will be a Graymon.

Change Em Back:

Start a new game. After the FMV end, hold Triangle + Square + Circle. A

menu will appear. Release the buttons and check your inventory. Feed your

digimon with something. If he takes it or not, quickly press Triangle +

Square + Circle. Depending on what you fed it he will turn into diffrent

kinds of monsters. If you don’t like the monster quickly hold Triangle +

Square + Circle after the monster changes and feed him something else.


Get Meramon, Centarumon, Leomon, or Angemon. HP and MP has to be 3000, ATTACK

to 250, BRAIN to 500, DEFENSE to 200, SPEED to 200, one battle in Greymon’s

gym, full happiness, no care mistakes, 40% discipline!


When Yuramon tells you to get up early in the morning to walk into the mist.

Fly with Birdramon early in the morning to go to Misty Trees. Find place

with crystals. Kokatorimon will be there! Defeat him he has 4200 HP!


Get a gabumon and train it to a TREX-mon and don’t lat it poot,do not feed

it, every three times maybe and when it digivole,A VADEMON!

How to get Seadramon:

First let your digimon die and choose the fourth egg from the left. Then

train it’s HP over 3000, and MP over 2000. Note: Don’t let him poo on the

ground even once.

Mega Seadramon:

Hp: 5000

Mp: 5000

Of: 550

Df: 550

Sp: 550

Br: 550

GameShark Codes

Have All Attacks
Always Have Finish
All Digimon on Chart
301BE00D 00FF
801BE010 FFFF
801BE012 FFFF
301BE014 00FF
All Medals
Max Items In All Slots

Infinite Lives

Have Only the Best Items With You!

No Virus

Perfect Balance of Happy and Discipline

Press O to Beat the Game

Press Square to Lay Cable

If you hold down the button for a minute and let go, your Digimon will turn

into a smash monster, and after the transformation and you make him smash,

let go of the button and he will eat his dump. Yours Forever, Lik


Infinite HP

Infinite MP
Infinite Offense

Infinite Defense

Infinite Speed

Infinite Brains

Lots of Bits

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