Dino Crisis PS Cheats

Extra Mission:

Beat the game in under 5 hours to unlock the hidden mission “Operation: Wipeout.”

New Outfits:

Beat the game. Then start a new game using the last saved game file to access

Army and Battle costumes.

Ancient Outfit:

Beat the game twice to get the Ancient costume.

Infinite Grenade Gun Ammo:

Beat the game three times to unlock a the infinite ammo.

GameShark Codes

Note: If you have a PlayStation that uses a "mod chip,"
you need to use this code to enable your GameShark:  
Infinite Health 800b957404b0 
Resus. Always In  800c15300000 
Material Storage Room 
Start W/Custom Shotgun,d00bfd860300 
Handgun & Grenade Gun 800c15a80510 
Inf. Shotgun Ammo  800c18cc9610 
1st Position  
Inf. Grenade Ammo800c18ce9618 
2nd Position     

Start W/ 150 Shotgun  d00bfd860300 
Ammo 1st Pos.800c18cc9610 
Start W/ 150 Grenade  d00bfd860300 
Ammo 2nd Pos. 800c18ce9618 

Have Custom Shotgun,  800c15a80510 
Handgun and Grenade Guns  
Inf. Large Med  800c18d4961e 
Paks 3rd Pos. 
Start W/ 150 Large Med  d00bfd860300 
Paks 3rd Pos.800c18d4961e 
Mod Chip Disable Coded014957e1040 

Thanks to Revolution readers MotoRacer, Andrew Marrero, Mutasir, Paul Sastrowitomo,

JLiang, Henry Chien, Chris Nolte, Wilson Cale, and Mo!