Dragon Seeds PS Cheats

The following codes increase your chances of getting the specified dragon. They

do not guarantee success and may have to be entered several times before they


Fire Dragon:

Start with the phrase Armageddon is near.

High Stat Dragon:

Start with the phrase The power is eternal.

Special Atack Dragon:

Start with the phrase The Rock is Shining.

Powerful Dragon:

Start with the phrase Life is Beautiful.

High Wisdom:

Start with the phrase The Egg is Crying.


Lots and Lots of Gold:

You need a memory card for this, first go to the place where you get a wild

dragon, just pick one (it doesn’t matter). Now go to the shop where you buy

weapons and sheilds, buy the cheapest ones and trade in the weapons your wild

dragon already has (the ones the wild dragons have are really good.) You’ll

make a bigtime profit! Now release the dragon back into the wild. Repeat this

and… Viola! Lots of gold you can blow at the junkshop.

Even More Gold:

To do this it’s like the trick above but instead go to the arena that let’s

you battle with wild dragons (I prefer the Wasp one but dont use the fairy it

wont work) now win a battle, leave, come back, do it again, leave, come back…

And voila lotsa money, now do the hint above 🙂

GameShark Codes

Infinite Gold    80084574ffff

Infinite HP      800eedf803e7

Infinite Special Attacks 800ee5bc0009

Max Special Strength     800846b603e7

Max Attack Strength      800846d00063

Max Muscle Strength      800846b203e7

Max Speed                800846ae03e7

Max Damage               800846d403e7

Max Evasion              800846d20063

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Broederdorf, Hiro Zer and Black Lotus!