Driver 2 FAQ

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                          DRIVER 2 FAQ
                        Back On The Road.
                      [email protected]
                          ICQ 55719984

                        Table of contents:

      1: Version History.
      2: simple intro
      3: What's new in Driver 2
      4: Option menu
      5: Pause Menu Controls
      6: Controls
***** 7: Driving Games  multiplayer driving games ******
      8: Ride Tips
      9: Losing The Cops Tips
     10: Level secrets and cool thinks  (Gameshark)cheats.
***** a: Chicago *****
***** b: Havana ******
***** c: Vegas *****
***** d: Rio *****
     11: The Undercover Missions
      a: Chicago (mission 1 till 8) DONE ! ! !
      b: Havana (mission 10 till 18) DONE ! ! !
      c: Vegas (mission 19 to 28) DONE ! ! !
***** d: Rio (mission 29 till 37) *****
     12: FAQ's
     13: Still needed in this walkthrough.

***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****
    ****** !!! WORKING HARD ON IT !!! *****
***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** ***** *****

                  ##   1: Version History:  ##

I'm early home (1:00 pm)
Worked very hard...
Mission's 31 till 34 and a half !!!
Imunaty secret ! (section 10 D)

"undercover" explanation. (section 4)

Make this whole walktrough more readable.

In Holland (where I live) it's St. Nicholas!
Well get some cadeaus and:
Jump the walkbridges. (section 10 C) in Vegas!

Aaaaahh I'm home!
I've got a long day at school...
The mountain pass secret! (section 10) look by Rio!
"Look around" Secret (section 10).

! ! ! Missions 23 B till mission 29 ! ! !

Simple way to the Minicooper! (section 10)

Very much!
Answered 30 emails (pffff)
Some missions

Nothing, just finished the game...

played till mission 30!!!

same as yesterday...


Oh my god...
I played the whole day this game. (after school)
Now I start to work on this walktrough.
The secret car in Los Angles (section 10)
missions till 23a !!!! (section 11)

I've got disc 2!!!
I've done nothing. I played the game for a long time!!!
But to bad also maked a lott off homework...

(late in the evening)
AAAAhhh my computer is hacked!!!

Gameshark CHEATS! (Thanks to yours sincerely ¯l•pr› (Olipro))
New cars (EVAN FALON again) section 10
TIPS (EVAN FALON who else) section 10

(12:00 am)
I'M FREE ! ! !
Oh my god it's this early and I free off that ******* school!
Well 23 new emails...
*The way to the morris minor explained much more. (request allot)
section 10
*Secret section (10) the morris minor is a MINI (thanks to STEVE)
*more complain about the police car in Chicago. Section 10
*What's new in driver 2 (EVAN FALON!!!!) section 3
*Missions 17 till 21 (YES, Evan Falon again) section 11

*SECRET CAR IN VEGAS! (thanks to GREG HANSEN) section 10
*A faq question about the signals. Section 12
*Much explanation over the driving games.
(THANKS TO ???? GUESS ONE TIME. Evan Falon off course).

pfff, much emails.
About 23 in the morning and now I get also

Not much...
Sorry guys, only received 15 emails and send some back.

Updated much, very much!
Well we start with:
More explain for the two secret cars. (section 10)
Added the fire truck here!!! (THANKS TO [email protected]).
Added "sit down secret." (THANKS TO MICHAEL TOMPSON).
Added "race track in Rio" (THANKS TO STEPHEN HILL).

He gives me today:
MUCH FAQs questions (section 12)
VERY MUCH information for the multiplayer games.
CAR LIST ! ! ! ! For every level!!!
I really like this boy!!!

Wow 27 new emails!!!
I've got a little bit time to update this walkthrough.
*Secret area + car in Chicago (thanks KAVI CHAUHAN!)
*Secret area + car in Havana (thanks KAVI CHAUHAN!)
*very much people to the mail list!
*answered very much questions!

Okay 17 new emails...
I answered the most off them.
Oh and I wanna name Evan Falon a great Driver 2 fan...
He gave me again much information!!!
This is also updated in this version...
Pfff al those emails over: "out off tape".

Okay 14 new emails and 10 new icq messages.... GO ON LIKE THAT !
So, I almost have a new webpage for myself.
A awesome new address. I get it free on !!!
Oh you can't get it sorry...
*The answer on the question out off tape!!! Thanks all off you!
*Again a question from Evan Falon. (do you ever stop?)
                        just kidding guy, go on like this...
*A view guys to the update newsletter. The get a email almost
daily!!! (read the top)
*eeeeeeehhrrr to much to say it


Pfff tried to do much, but didn't work.
*Driving games, done the gate race for Chicago and half for
*My own webpage off course.
*Looked around for a other www.?????????.com address

A long day on school... I hate when I've got this...
*Again the secret section. (again WEE CHONG JIN)
*Added again some sites to "the copyright list".
*Added on my site the "older update" and "how to subscribe"

AAAAAH much email, much work much updates!!!
(you'll see if you mail me)

Special thanks today to WEE CHONG JIN !

Aauwts. It's 12:00 am and I've got headache from the
yesterday evening.
I won't do much today.
DAMN ! ! ! I checked my email and I've got 12 new messages about
Driver 2... But don't worry I'll take care off them!!!
*I've updated much this evening all the emails have been
answered! A lot off work believe me!!!
*Sent in my update to the listed site's!!!
*Sorry no time for the undercover mission's MAYBE tomorrow.
*Look to the brand new section 10!!!
*** Special thanks goes to Jonny Lundin ***

Posted this FAQ to GameFAQS and Gamewinners!
*Still needed section.
*make a couple off direction's
*working hard on my own website!
*Big ChriZZie Boy ASCII at the end.
*I noticed that on the web you not can center text. Now toady I
did it all with spaces! (much work)

Good morning! It's 11:00 am and I start to work on his walkthrough
I'll do some undercover mission's. And tell you what's new in
Driver 2.
Added Today:
* The undercover mission's 1 till 15 ! ! !
  I think I'm going to stop. It's almost 23.00 pm.
Oeewaaaahhhh... Goodnight.

Finally start this walkthrough/FAQ. I have the game only 2 days. I
worked hard today. So everything is added..
Tomorrow I'll work very hard on this Walkthrough because I've got a
day off!

                    ##   2: Simple Intro   ##

Hello everybody. This is my first Faq I ever made...
I'm from holland, so if you see any wrong words or stupid since.
Then Email me to: [email protected]
When you email me your name comes in the special thanks section.
Have fun reading this. And email me tips!
I've got very much friendly emails THANK YOU GUYS !!!
For now: I hope you like this walkthrough!

               ##   3: What's new in Driver 2   ##

*First off all the title is new.(heh heh heh)

*All new missions (REALLY???)

*The graphics are not change a lot. The people are still the same

*But the Pedestrians will do more things like sun bathe, or sit
and talk.

*Tanner now has a partner: Tobias Jones

*You can look around! (look in section 10).

*Better story line, lips in sync with talking

*New cars

*New cities

*On and off ramps to highways


*Draw bridges

*New Characters

*The gameplay is complete refresh. The corners are not like
"hooks". But beautiful "round".
    _____                    ,----
   |                        /
   |                       /
   |                      |

*Now you can drive with a friend! (multiplayer)

*And oh you've got a couple off new driving games.
(See the 5: Driving games section).

*But the most important off all, I think is that you can get out
off the car and jump into a other! How to do? Check the 5:
Control Section.

*When you win the undercover, you can replay all the missions
that you want.


                    ##   4: Option menu   ##

Just start the game. Look down here somewhere to see the mission

When in undercover you can choose
* New game. Start a new game...
* Load game. Now you'll be going to the next screen. You'll load
  a game and continue on the mission where you was...
* Replay mission. Here you can replay missions. Just pick a
* View cutscenes. See al the fmv.

                          TAKE A RIDE:
Now a new screen is coming up. You can choose between Chicago,
Havana, Vegas* and Rio*.
*Only if you're there with the mission's.
Pick A city and now you can choose between Day or night.
After that select a car and start to race!

                         DRIVING GAMES:
Pick this one to start a driving game (DUUUH). Now look under
here in the section for driving games.

Now you can drive with your best friend! Look down in the section
for multiplayer games.


Here you can change the sound volume and music volume.

                         COP DIFFICULTY:
Just what it says, change the difficulty off the cops.

When you do it on in a movie there will be text under the movie!
**Thanks to this guys: Andreas Constantinou, Jonny Lundin and
Luiz Gabriel **

What do you think? NO!!! not that, turns on/of the vibration

Here you can SEE how to drive / walk. Look down in the controller
section for more explanation.

When you complete ALL the missions you get the following:

                        1. mountain pass:
                    Also look in section 10 D

this is a mountain track that have a lot of corners, it have 3
laps, 2 person can play on this track, but when it is 2 person
playing, u can't display the car out, just driver view, can
choose day or night

                     About the "Mountain pass":

The track has a slope beside it, and your car will fall to the
edge, your screen will turn black. Then it will display game
over, you need to restart to play again. But if you have chance,
try the "O" button to make it burnout and get back to the track,
or use the "Square" button to move backward.

                         2: race track:
                    Also look in section 10 D

almost like a race track, but this have a lot of jumping parts,
and 2 short-cuts, but when u take the short-cut, the lap time
won't count, it can play 2 person too, driver view when 2 person is
playing, can be choose day and night.

3. invincibility: you'll be invincible!

4. immunity: The cops won't chase you!


A simple menu to show your friends how good you are

Centre the screen ( maybe it help you Luiz Gabriel with your TV )

When you save this. You DON'T save your undercover.
Only your high score, screen position and stuff like that.

Load the stuff that stands above here by the "SaveSetings".

Load Replay:
Show's your own (saved) replay. then you can show to your friends
how good you are!

Show Chase 1/2/3/4:
Shows how stupid your PSX can drive.

                ##   5: Pause Menu Controls   ##

This menu appears when you press start at the gameplay:

Back to your driving game.

Show Map:
Shows you the map of the city where you're driving at that
Press Circle to see witch way you're driving. The map will rotate
to your direction.
With the d-pad buttons you can scroll over your map.
Press any other key to return back to the "pause-menu".

Restarts the current level. "Are You Sure?"

Sound Volume / Music Volume:
Press left/right to change the volume.

Film Directory:
**Notice that when you're started on a "Film Directory" you never
can go back to your game!!**
Shows you how good you are.
While Playing the "movie" press X to pause it. Then:
Play: plays your movie.
Auto Director: Your PSX while choose at some moments other
Fast Forward: Look at the bar on the top to see how "fast" your
movies goes.
Frame Advance: step the movie frame by frame.
        (Thanks to Jonny Lundin again)
Rewind to beginning: Just what it says.
Add camera: Now you in a simple menu to add a camera.
Change camera: Almost the same as "Add camera".
Save Replay: Saves your replay (takes 2 blocks)
OK: Exit your game.

Quick Replay:
**Notice that when you're started on a "Quick Replay" you never
can go back to your game!!**
Shows you how good you are in the simple way.

Exit to the Main Menu.

                     ##   6: Controls   ##

The controls are almost the same as in Driver 1. But you've got
no Auto-Handbrake any more.
Under here you'll find a schema for the controls.

                            IN CAR:

X -------- Give gas.
O -------- Burnout, you'll spin away (faster) then you'll go over
           to normal gass
Triangle - Handbrake. Use this to slide trough the corners and to
           make a "U" turn
Square --- The normal brake. Use this to brake hard, before a
           hard turn or something.
D-Pad ---- Left / Right steers your car, very usefully.
           Press Up & Triangle to get out / in the car.
L1 ------- Hard Turn. When you're in a slide, use this and steer.
R1 ------- Horn
L2 ------- Look Left.-
R2 ------- Look Right.-> Press L2 & R2 at the same to look back.
Select --- Selects your camera: Back, Inside, View out.
Start ---- Pauses the game and bring up the pause menu. Look up
           in the section 5: Pause Menu Controls for details.

                            ON FOOT:

X -------- Run Forward.
O -------- Nothing.
Triangle - Get's you back in a car (press it for a car).
Square --- Walk backward (very slow).
D-Pad ---- Left / Right walk left / right.
L1 ------- Nothing.
R1 ------- Nothing.
L2 ------- Look Left.-
R2 ------- Look Right.-> Press L2 & R2 at the same to look back.
Select --- Selects your camera: Back, Inside, View out.
Start ---- Pauses the game and bring up the pause menu. Look up
           in the section 5: Pause Menu Controls for details.

                    ##  7: Driving Games  ##

QUICK CHASE, for Chicago, little hint list.
QUICK GETAWAY, a little story.
Chicago: Greektown
Chicago: Grant Park

Havana(Necropolis de Colon, Old Havana)
VegasLakeside, Mid strip)
Rio(Copacabana, Santa Tereza

QUICK GETAWAY (just add some tips)
Chicago(Downtown, Wrigleyville)
Havana(Necropolis de Colon, Capitolio)
Vegas(Downtown, Upper strip)
Rio(Centro, Copacabana)

Chicago(Grant Park, Downtown)
Havana(Old Havana, Vedado)
Vegas(Downtown, Upper Strip)
Rio(Leblon, Praca da Banderia)

Chicago(Downtown, Meigs Field)
Havana(The Docks, Old Havana)
Vegas(North Vegas, Lakeside)
Rio(Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, Praca da Banderia)





Chicago(Downtown, Meigs Field)
Havana(The Docks, Old Havana)
Vegas(North Vegas, Lakeside)
Rio(Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, Praca da  Banderia)

Chicago(Cabrini Green, River North)
Havana(Plaza, Old Havana)
Vegas(Ghost Town, Lakes)
Rio(Flamengo, Centro)

It's time to chase the bad guy. At the start of the game, you are
behind a car with the instructions to ram it. You have only 1:30
to destroy the enemy car before the game ends.
Follow as best as you can and smash the car when you have the
chance. Stay on your toes: The enemy car is quick and corners
very well. Don't fall too far behind the pink car, or you'll lose
sight of it, and victory.

You'll chase the red car. He'll NOT drive the same route every
It's tough but true. The only thing I can do is make a HINT
Section... SUGGESTIONS ? ? ?
MAIL ME: [email protected] Or ICQ 70125017.

*Drive not to close behind him. Because when he makes a corner
you'll lose him.
*When he slides into a corner, you can hit him hard. Look under
her how to do.
          +++++                     _ = road
     +++++     +                    ++ = how the psx drives
+++++           +                   ** = how you drive
******************+ HIT HIM         Well it's simple, just hit
_______________   +                 him when you can.
                  +                Do this only when you sure
                   +               now which way he goes.
                    |  +          |
                    |  +          |
*Look simple which way he's going. He always will first go to the
left and then to the right. Also he does it when he goes to the
left. He first go to the right.

Oh and I wanna thank Jonny Lundin for tips here!
and also bigger thanks to: EVAN FALON:
He gave me the begin story and the upper list!

What have you done? Whatever it is, the police seem really
interested in you. You must lose the tail-and fast. There's no
time limit, but your damage meter goes up pretty fast. Lose the
tail before it wrecks your car. Remember, the cop car is fast,
but you can lose it by weaving in and out of poles. When it does,
pull away from it to win.


               *** GATE RACING: ***

Pff, this is a hard game!!!
What you've got to do is to "race" trough those gates.
It sounds easy, but it is hard...
for every gate you clear you'll get a extra second.
But for every pillar you hit, you'll get a second off your time.
You must know that the traffic always drives different, so I
can't make a route for those guys. Sorry!

Under here you'll find the route for every gaterace course.

Chicago:-> Greektown:
Time: 0:30
It begins simple. You'll have to drive slightly to the left and
then back slightly to the right. Now again slightly to the left.
Now at the end of this road follow the gates to the right.
Step on it! Now you must take the first right (between those
gates trough off course). Here's a long straight part. But watch
out you'll come cross a lot off traffic! Look down on your map.
You'll see the map look like under here. Now you must take the
Corner to the right. (THE 3rd ONE FROM THE LAST ONE)
|_ _    |_ = the road.
|_|.|   :. = your route.

Some times there stands a car in the corner. Use him when you
slide. HOW? Simple slide against him and you'll spare time!
Now at the end off this road you must go to the left.
Some gates while be smaller here.
At the end you can only go to the left.
Again a straight part. But again watch the traffic!
At the crossing you must go slightly to the left. And past that
you must go on the footpath. After that go slightly to the left
Again. Now on the crossing go to the right. The gate stance in
the middle of the road. Drive trough it and race on.
You must drive from left to right on this highway.
Just watch closely the gates.
Ooooh your on the half way ! ! !
Now at the end of this highway go to the left. Watch out, it's a
sneaky corner. Also notice that the gates while be smaller.
After the corner go to slightly to the left. And follow the
Gates into the exit. Don't drive to hard in the corner, because
you'll soon hit a pillar. Now also watch out for the jump.
You'll go back on the highway. Follow the pad to the right, left.
Now again slightly to the right and to the left.
But when you do this a lot you'll be able to do it without any
Wrong turns or something,

                          "Well Done"

Chicago:-> Grand Park:
Time: 0:40

You'll begin in the Grand Park. At the begin give a lot off gas!
But watch out: At the end the road looks like the following:

        |       |
________|       |______   ### = wall
      *                   _|  = road
    .......               *** = pillars (the gates)
_______*   '.    ______  TREE = a simple thing from the jungle.
        |   :   |         '.: = how to drive.
        | * '.* |  TREE
        |    :  |
        |    :  |
        |    :  |

After that go straight on and take at the following cross go to
the right. After that you must go over the grass. Just drive on
it. A little bit father is a highway, you must cross it vertical.
I hope for you that you didn't hit a car.
Go to the right a little bit and go back on that road trough the
Park. Long straight part. Don't brake to hard for that corner, it
looks like this:

               | * : *  |
               |  .     |
______________/  ,      /_____
                .                 _|  = road
             * , *                *** = pillars (the gates)
________      .  ______          TREE = a simple tree...
        |    ,  |                 '.: = how to drive.
        | * : * |  TREE
        |   :   |
        |   :   |
        |   :   |

Now step on it! See the highway? There is a ugly sharp turn. It
will go to the left and stay on the footpath. AAAAARRRGGGGHHH !!
Go trough 3 gates after that sharp turn and the go to the right
immediately! It's a hard turn, but possible.
Go on the footpath again. To the left and a straight part.
After a while you'll see that the course is running a sharp turn
to the right. DON'T drive too fast, because you'll slide much
more on the grass. Simple follow the gates. After a while you'll
see some wall. Congratulations your on the half.
On the sand are some naughty turns but not to hard.
After a long boring slide race over the grass you'll be back on a
highway. Make a sharp turn to the left and stay on the footpath.
OH baby this is a easy part! After a while you'll see sand on the
right. DON'T go in it, but the next one. It's that stupid grass
again... Then go back on the footpath again. After a couple off
gates there will be a corner to the right. Follow it. Now drive
forward on the foodpad. Oh nooo. The gates are small up here!
Watch good, after a time follow that gates to the left onto the
grass. Now it will go from left till right on the graas between
the trees. A hard part! But when you get the end...

                          "Well done."

Havana Necropolis de Colon
Time: 30:00
Pfff gass! At the begin go easy straight... Then a little bit to
the right, and then follow the corner to the left. After the
corner there's a long straight part. BUT WATCH OUT! At the end
(by the crossing) you must make a hard turn to the left! After
that corner go up the hill. At the top off the hill is the best
thing to do, jump a little bit to the right. Then you don't have
to sfeer in by the corner! By the "crossing" go to the left.
gate for the half in some boxes. After the corner give a lott off
gas. But by the next crossing go to the right... Now here's a
straight part! Go sleightly to the left and follow the corners
over the grass to the left. By the next crossing go right. YEAH!
You're on the half! Another straight part. Give a lott of gas,
because at the end of this road then you've got to brake.
Now when you're at the split go to the left. And by the next
split go left aggain. Now here are some hard small gates.
Drive carefull and take the next one to the right. Here's a very
small gate so watch out! Now at the next crossing go to the left.
When you're at the split go to the left trough that small gate.
Aggain go left. And step on it you're almost there!

                           "Wel done."

Havana Old Havana
Time: 0:30
Go straight (like always). Now follow the gates to the left.
Here's a scary part! You've got to go between all that trees!
It's posible. After that drive a little bit to the left. And
you'll notice that you drive vertical across the little park. Now
by the crossing take that one on the left. By the crosssing go
straight. At the next crossing go right. And then by the next
crossing go to the left. Then when you arive at the next vrossing
you've got to watch out. Here's a bad turn to the right. The gate
is a little bit turned. When you survive this go straight. Also
go straight at the next crossing. And by the next crossing you've
got to brske hard. This is a small road. Well when you at the end
go straight, also by the next crosssing. Don't turn anywhere to
the right. Then when you aggain at the end go


Take a ride sends you and a friend on a split-screen cruise.
Check out the sites and explore the alleys as you prefect your
skills in the four cities. Each city gives you two maps to choose
from, and you may drive during the day or night.

This childhood classic pits a friend against a friend out on the
streets. Player two is a criminal trying to outrun player one,
who is a cop. Player one's goal is to destroy player two's car,
while player two's mission is to elude player one.

Checkpoint challenges your driving skills as you race an opponent
from point to point. Each player starts from the same spot and
races toward a single checkpoint somewhere in the city. Once it's
touched, another five checkpoints appear, and the first player to
touch all of them wins.
The players are shown on the maps as green and red arrows while
the checkpoints are flashing black.

You must reach a given point on the map, grab the flag and
return, untouched to your starting point. This is not as easy as
it may seem, only a slight bump by your opponent will make you
lose your flag.


Knock over the 100 cones as the time counts down from 00:30.
Every time you knock down a cone a second will be added to your

"Again thanks to: Evan Falon"


You must reach five checkpoints throughout the city. Each and
every checkpoint is highlighted on your mini-map, when you pass
one checkpoint, another one will be highlighted.

"Thanks to: off course EVAN FALON"


You have only a few seconds before the cops are all over you. Try
to stay alive as long as you can as the cop cars ram you. Keep
moving, you'll last longer.

"Thanks to: off course EVAN FALON" REALLY???

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* *  MORE TO COME SOON ! ! !  * *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

                   ##   8: Drive Tips   ##

Here you'll find some useful tips for the take a ride option.
You can take very much shortcuts. Like corner cutting trough the
grass. Also when you take a corner take it from the outside to
the inside, again to the outside (like under here).
But when         /         * * * *
You do          /        *
This:          /        *
watch         /       *__________
out for      |      * |
traffic      |     *  |   ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
and          |   *    |   :    _|/ = road                 :
other        |  *     |   :     ** = your driving way.    :
stuff        | *      |   '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''
             |*       |
Use your map: When you drive and you must / want to go to a
special point. Use your map. You can better use it to much than
to less.
Watch the time: In undercover mode you've got time. Remember it!

TIMER: Your timer is at the top center of the screen and indicates
your current mission time. The time will run up or down depending on
your mission. Sometimes you'll need to get yourself to a location
without a tail. In this situation your timer will count up. On
occasion you'll need to reach your next objective within an
allotted time in order to progress. In this situation, your timer
will count down. Finally, in some missions you'll have to reach a
number of waypoints or delivery points within an amount of time.
You'll receive extra time on your timer for each waypoint

Just like in real life, each time you plough your car into another
car, wall or anything solid, your car will receive damage. Once
your damage bar reaches the maximum point, your car is wrecked.
But if there are no police chasing you at that moment, you can
get out of your wrecked car and find a new one!

Your felony bar indicates your current felony rating. Each time
you commit a crime while a cop is watching, your felony bar will
go up. As the bar goes up further, the aggression of the officer
chasing you goes up also. Here's a list of things that might make
your felony bar go up:
-Running a red light
-Destruction of public property
-Driving on the sidewalk
-Hitting another car
-Dangerous driving
-Terrorizing pedestrians: You can minimize your felony rating by
honking at pedestrians before running them down.

Radar will indicate your position in relation to the city. And
more importantly, it tells you where the cops are. The white dots
on the radar are the cops, and each cop has a vision. The vision
of a cop is indicated by a cone, the larger part of the cone is
where the cop can see. If your felony bar goes up, the cops will
warn other cops about you, and their vision will increase.
Your missions objective is marked by a black arrow that will get
smaller as you come nearer to your objective. It is also marked
as a white, flashing dot when you get near enough.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * KNOW ANY TIPS ? ? ?
* *  MORE TO COME SOON ! ! !  * * [email protected]
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * icq: 70125017 (DAILY UPDATED)

               ##   9: Losing The Cops Tips   ##

When the cops are chasing you, it's smart to do the following

* If your car is not to wrecked. Simple kill the cops.
When you've done this, your felony will be high and also your
damage. Now simple jump out your car and get a new one.
Now you'll have now damage and a little bit felony.

* If you're in the middle of two cops but they didn't see you.
(Like under here) Get out of your car. Wait till the cops past
and get back in your car. Your felony will be as low as when you
get out of the car. BUT your NOT spotted!!!

|                                           |
|                                           |
|cop->              YOU                /|<__... ...="not" important="" secret="" now="" do="" the="" following...="" if="" you="" look="" on="" map="" recornice="" upstanding="" part.="" when="" highway="" drive="" off="" it="" and="" make="" a="" turn.="" between="" two="" ramps.="" to="" stars="" by="" see="" fence="" left="" right="" side.="" at="" begin="" this="" side="" is="" switch="" press="" unlocked="" racetrack.="" playable="" in:="" options-=""> gameplay-> secrets-> mountain pass

Take a Drive in Rio, turn round and drive to the first major road
going north (about 4 blocks in). Turn left around the outside
of the lake. Drive to you get to the police station. (building
with no roof and barb wire on top of it. (about half a block) get
out the car and walk into the alley you will see a big garage
door to your left and a tall building to your right go to the
last door way on the tall building and press triangle.
THANKS TO: Mad Man Malky (3-12-00)

Thanks Aggain Mad Man Malky! But under here is a easy draw!

  /                                 |
/                                  |
|  Lagao                            |
|                                   |    |_ = the road
|  Radrigo                        _/      # = here's the secret!
|                             ___/
|  de Freitas                /
|                            ___________
|      THE BIG BLUE LAKE                 |
|                                        |
|_                                       |
|                             __________|__
| |___________________________/          |
| |    |                      |          |

Now here's a big view off the secret:

_______|          |__________________________________|

_________________         __________________
|                 |     ->|Door              |
|    BARBWIRE     |       |  PRESS TRIANGLE  |
|                 |       |       HERE       |
|B               B|       |                  |
|A    POLICE     A|       |                  |
|R      ||       R|       |                  |
|B      ||       B|       |                  |
|W      ||       W|       |Door              |
|I   *STATION    I|       |                  |
|R               R|       |Door              |
|E               E|       |                  |
|                 |       |                  |
|    BARBWIRE     |       |                  |
|_________________|       |__________________|

??? Truck=  Docks ???

Here are some gamesharks:

Invincibility: (activate in secrets menu)
D001CDA8 0008
8001CDAA 1043
Immunity: (activate in secrets menu)
D004C270 92B0
8004C27A A4A0
D004C888 92B0
8004C892 A4A0
All Cities:
D01C1308 F809
801C130C 0000
Get Out Of TrashedFlipped Car:
D006378 0058
8006387A 1000
Infinite Time: (Not sure if it works) DOESN'T WORK!!!
800D77B6 0112  [email protected]
800DA490 A8C8
800DA492 0112
Let me know if infinite time don't work on: [email protected]

THANKS TO: ¯l•pr› (Olipro)


I'm an Italian boy with dirver's passion.
Now I've Driver II and I want use some cheats in game.
Can you give me some explication for use?
I've the action replay for PlayStation but I'm no good to configurate.
How I can use this code?

Send the answer to:
[email protected]

Codes Made & Tested on 3.2 Version Cheat Device
1J Joker Command D00AA674 ????
1 Infinite Time 800D77B4 A8C8
800D77B6 0112
800DA490 A8C8
800DA492 0112
2 Skip All BS Intro Screens/FMVs D005B170 1289
8005B160 0006
D005B170 1289
8005B162 1000
3 Infinite Health D001CDA8 0008
8001CDAA 1043
4 Infinite Health & Other Cars Die In 1-Hit D001CDA8 0008
8001CDAA 1043
D001CDBC 0003
8001CDBE 1000
5 Always No Felony [Note 1] D004C270 92B0
8004C27A A4A0
D004C888 92B0
8004C892 A4A0
6 Press L1+R1+L2+R2 To Instantly Complete Mission D00AA674 000F
800AA194 0001
D00AA674 000F
800AAA6C 0004
7 Unlock All Cities D01C1308 F809
801C130C 0000
8 Cant Die From Flipping Your Car & You Can Get Out Of A Fully Damaged Car
D0063878 0058
8006387A 1000
9 Stop Traffic D0053D88 5A1F
80053D8A 2400
10 Able To Leave Any Car While Being Chased (Including Cop Cars) D005589C
8005589E 1000
11 Able To Get In Cop Cars D0071E54 2021
80071E5A 2400
12 Walk Thru Walls [Note 2] D00639FC 0028
800639FE 1000
D006F244 0003
8006F246 1000
D001D868 0249
8001D86A 1000
Take A Ride Codes
13 Allow Selection Of Vegas D01C6E9C 0300
801C6E9C 0103
14 Allow Selection Of Rio D01C6ED8 0300
801C6ED8 0103
Driving Games-Quick Chase & Survival Codes
15 Allow Selection Of Vegas D01C8184 0300
801C8184 0103
16 Allow Selection Of Rio D01C81C0 0300
801C81C0 0103
Driving Games-Quick Getaway, Gate Racing, Trailblazer & Checkpoint Codes
17 Allow Selection Of Vegas D01C7DBC 0300
801C7DBC 0103
18 Allow Selection Of Rio D01C7DF8 0300
801C7DF8 0103
Multi-Player Take A Ride Codes
19 Allow Selection Of Vegas D01CAD00 0300
801CAD00 0103
20 Allow Selection Of Rio D01CAD3C 0300
801CAD3C 0103
Multi-Player Cops 'n' Robbers, Checkpoint & Capture The Flag Codes
21 Allow Selection Of Vegas D01C8EC0 0300
801C8EC0 0103
22 Allow Selection Of Rio D01C8EFC 0300
801C8EFC 0103
23 Ultimate Levitation Code [Note 3] D0056894 1903
8005689C 1D80
D0056894 1903
8005689E 0C00
80007600 FFFF
80007602 2403
80007604 000B
80007606 3C01
80007608 A674
8000760A 8C21
8000760C 0004
8000760E 8CC2
80007610 000C
80007612 3021
80007614 000C
80007616 2404
80007618 000D
8000761A 1020
8000761E 2400
80007620 0007
80007622 1024
80007624 0008
80007626 3024
80007628 0003
8000762A 1480
8000762C 5026
8000762E 0069
80007630 0007
80007632 1540
80007634 0001
80007636 340A
80007638 0005
8000763A 1140
8000763E 2400
80007640 0002
80007642 1069
80007644 0300
80007646 2442
80007648 0300
8000764A 2442
8000764C 0004
8000764E ACC2
80007650 0008
80007652 03E0
80007656 2400

THANKS TO: Paolo (28-11-00)

               ##   11: Undercover Missions   ##

                   * * * * * * * * * * * * *
                 * * * HANOVER MISSION'S * * *

                   * * * * * * * * * * * * *

MISSION 1: Surveillance Tip off
TIME: 0:30 to get in the car.
Condition: Day, clear.

      **You've got to see the cool movie before you start.**

           (Drive across town within the time limit.)

Jump into that car and start to drive. Get out off that passage
and go to the left. Here you can choose for two things.
1* Go to the right, and get the highway.
2* Go to the left, and trough the city.
   I prefer to go trough the city, because it's easier to follow
   the route and it's a lot faster.
1* So from the begin: Left out off the passage. Then right at the
splitting. Now drive forward. You'll see a sort off fly over.
Drive on the left side. Now get in that exit. Watch out that you
don't hit cars. And not to hard the wall.
When you come at the highway off course go to the left.
Now just drive fast and cut some corners. At a mhin while you can
go off the high way DON'T do that. Stay on it, and at the
traffic light go to the left. Take the first one right (cut it
over the grass). Drive forward at the splitting follow the corner
and take the corner to the right. Now follow the road.
Take the first to the right. (you can cut over the grass). And
drive it out. Follow the road to the left and by the crossing go
straight. On the left of the road you'll see the red arrow.
Stop near it. Get into Jones car.

2* At The Beginning go to the left out the passage, then again to
the left by the splitting. Drive along with the road. Take the
second corner to the right. Now drive full speed to the north.
Forward. You've got to get the sixth corner to the right. This is
better to understand as: When you ride along with the road a big
corner to the left. You've got to get the first to the right.
Then follow the road. Take the first to the right. By the
crossing drive straight. You'll see the red arrow. Slow down and
get in that car.

"Well done, the witness is still there."

MISSION 2: Chase the Witness
TIME: 1:03
Condition: Day, clear.
                   "Stay With The Sedan"

              (Chase a car to it's destination.)

Just follow That "Sedan". It's simple.
Don't get on his tail. Just drive on the right side at the begin.
Then when he goes to the left follow him. But watch out for that
hard corner that he cuts. He almost crashes into a car. So watch
it that you don't crash.
He takes the first left, the first right and then just drive's
forward. When he get's to the train, don't worry, it always
happens, whatever you try.

"Well Done, but he escaped on the train."

MISSION 3: Train Pursuit
TIME: 2:20
Condition: Day, clear.

        "Don't lose the witness, stay with the train."

             (Chase a train to it's destination.)

A difficult start. Watch out for that hobbles. The best way to
avoid them, is tho let go gass. When you're behind it... GAS!
Go right. Move forward. Now the smartest thing to do is: drive
straight forward. DON'T go to the left. You'll have enough time
to change from car (if you want). Watch out for the accident. The
cops will not chase you. You can even get in that big bus!!!
Just drive forward. See that "yellow"  weird line on your map?
That's the train! The smartest thing to do, is to ride under the
trainrails. So do that to the left. And right after a while.
Just follow it... After a while you'll go over a bridge. Behind
that there's a crossing. Here he while going to the left. Now
after you go to the left. They say:

"Get out. Run to the platform."

What you've to do is simple, get out off your car and run to the
station. The sloping wall on.

Now you know the way to the station. You can cheat. How? Simple
drive before the train to the station. It's not fear, but funny!

"Well done. You made it."

MISSION 4: Tailing the drop
Condition: Day, clear.
TIME: 1:41
"The witness said this Brazilians making a drop, something real
                         hot. Tail him."

              (Tail the car without being seen.)

This is not the easiest mission... Just tail him.
Not to close, not to far.
He takes the first one to the right. This is hard to follow,
because you're really fast "to close".
At the split he will go to the right.
Then forward. After a while there's another split. He'll go left.
Weird enough he drives to the right after a while. Just follow
him. And the psx takes it over.

"Well Done"

MISSION 5: Escape to the safehouse
Condition: Day, clear.

               "Get to your apartment. Now Tail"

            (Lose the cops and make it across town.)

When the cutscene is over. Simple give a lot off gas. You'll see
a road, go to the left. Give gas until your felony is gone. Now

slow down and you'll have NO tail. Look at your map, and you'll
see the safe house is on the other side off the town. You can go
there in a couple off routes. This is the fastest way.

Go left and you'll loose the cops. Now take the first one to the
right. Drive over the bridge, follow the way to the right. Now go
left at the split. WATCH OUT: somewhere here is a cop. Look at
your screen on the right bottom to see him!
If a cops see you drive slow, the only thing he would say is:
"I see him, over", or "We've got him he's going..."
BUT he'll not chase you!
Drive to the next split and go left. Simple take the next one
right. You'll come by a crossing, go straight. At the next
crossing go to the left.
Now your on a highway. Now drive a long straight part. WATCH OUT
for cops! If you see them simple drive slow.
When you ride, you'll get to a bridge. Sometime this thing is
open. It's fun to jump over this bridge when he's half open.

After a long ride you'll see on your map (right bottom) the place
to be. You must go in that passage.
"Well done, you made it back."

MISSION 6: Chase the intruder
TIME: 1:45
Condition: Day, clear.

                    "Chase the intruder."

            (Chase a car to it's destination.)

Run to your beautiful car and drive after him!
Out off the passage go right and cut the corner to the left over
the grass. If done right, you'll come in front off him!
He takes the first corner to the RIGHT. Then on the highway he'll
take the first corner to the left. He WON'T go right after that.
Stay on the road, he'll smash some boxes and get back.
By the crossing he goes straight.
Then he'll go to the right under the rails. He makes a weird
corner. Follow him to the left over the grass. (HE NOW HOW TO
CUTS!!!) Watch the pillar and stay focus. Now he drives straight a
while time. After you'll going over a bridge, he'll going in a
hangar (the second one). On the outside he'll go left then right.
Follow him close! Then a part straight. Slightly to the left and
a hard corner to the right.
Your PSX takes it over

"Well done, you stayed with him"

MISSION 7: Cain's Compound
TIME: 3:30
Condition: Day, clear.

                    "Escape from the compound."

               (Find your way out of the compound.)

Take a car (doesn't matter witch one).
Drive out off the hangar, go right. Again right. And gas along
the wall. Off course go right, then DON'T go left, but forward.
Smash that van on the side and go past it.
Now go a little bit to the left past the containers. Smash the
silver van. Go on the back off the hangar to the left, NOT in the
hangar. Right past the container. Go straight into the passage.
DON'T smash that van hard. Just a little bit on his back. Then go
left into the hangar. Now spin around and you'll see you can go
past the van. Go straight. Onto the grass (with the trees) to the
right. And left into the passage (by the big containers). Now you
can go on the road. You'll notice that the bridge is open and the
road is blocked.
On the other side off the road you can go into the industrial
yard. Do that off course. Go left after the hangar. And step on
it. Go right into that passage and smash that damn silver van.
After that go right to the wall, then left. Gass! Now when you
can't go one go to the left. After that go right into that big
Hangar. See the light? Go there (on the right at the back wall).
Back on the road again. Go left. Drive full speed straight.
You've got to drive straight at the crossing. By the next split,
go to the right. You'll see a open bridge and a way into the
industrial yard. Step on it, your loosing time!

********** THIS ROUTE HAS MAKED BY landon gott **********

Out of Hangar Right around the corner along the wall and then
right again LEFT!! U-turn into hangar right and out of it, right
again. Slightly right (avoided the first van) through the
passage, straight into the hangar (avoiding the second van) out
of the hangar to the right and left around the corner then right
between the buildings (avoided 2 vans). Go straight until the
Yellow Van appears turn right into the hangar just before hitting
the van, (avoided) left and out slightly left, pass the  brown
container. (Now we are at the trees with 2.10-2.14 left.) Turn
right at the trees to the passageway on the other side, straight
over the road slightly right, through the hangar and then hard
left. Straight until passageway on the right, go into it, turn
left into hangar (avoided the silver van). Turn right out of the
hangar go between the buildings take the passage slightly to the
right then turn right and cross over to the hangar U-turn left
and out to the road, and left...

********** THIS ROUTE HAS MAKED BY landon gott **********

When in the yard, go straight and take the second to the right.
GAS!!! Drive along the fence. Past the trees and the other trees.
Look for the hangar. Go in it in the middle. Your on the road again!
Go into that other hangar. Drive past the trees on the right.
Then go to the right and drive along the fence. By the blue
container go to the left. See those hangars? Well you can drive
into the left one. Now back on the road.
Simple jump over the bridge and you made it!

You can get around the trucks in the ,"get out of the where house
mission" when you pull out into the first real street and
position your self to the right side against the wall and the
front of the car trying to jam under the back of the truck. The
trick is to get the guy in the van to ram you from behind
straight on!!!! and he will push you past the truck. It is the
same glitch as driving on the water in Driver. Freaked me out but
as usual I find the weird ones!!!!
Now when you do this... You CAN NOT play out the mission.
I've done this very, very much time.
Every time he'll say mission complete. Now you can go drive!!!???
Very weird. After that your time is running out and your mission
is failed.

"Well done, you escaped."

MISSION 8: Leaving Chicago
TIME: 5:00
Condition: Night, raining.

                      "Get to the train"

      (Lose the Brazilians and make it to the train.)

Drive to the road (watch the pillar) and go to the right.
Take the next turn to the right and gass.
Turn into the second corner to the left and drive forward. Simple
follow the road. Drive by the crossing straight. And also ignore
the turn to the right. Follow that two light corners to the left
and ignore the two crossings. At least you'll come to a split.
Drive there to the right. (HAVE YOU NOTICED THAT YOU BEING
FOLLOWED?) By the split after the bridge go to the right. It's
the smartest way to go under the train. Do that. Just follow the
"yellow" rails on your map. After the bridge take by the first
split the corner to the left. Forget my idea over the rails. Just
ride along with the water. Where the road "ends" and a big
building stands go past that building on the right side.
Now again go to the right. If done correctly you'll drive to the
South. Drive straight and after a while you'll see the red arrow
on the left side on the road.

"Well done, You made the train."

                       * * * * * * * * *
                      * * * CHICAGO * * *
                       * * * * * * * * *

MISSION 9: Follow up the Lead.
TIME: 1:53
Condition: Day, clear.

                "Follow the tattooed Brazilian"

            (Follow that Brazilian without seeing.)

OH NOOOO!!! Not again a follow mission like mission 4. I hate
that missions. But well, every game has his good things and BAD
things. Anyway, just follow him with the route under here.

He takes the first one to the left. Then he goes left again. Now
a long boring part that's going straight. By the split he'll go
to the right. And take the next one left. He takes that corner to
the right fast! And by the split he goes to the left.
But the mission is luckily already over.

"Well done, you stayed with him"

MISSION 10a: Hijack the truck
TIME: 1:17
Condition: Day, clear.

  "Steal Vasquez's ammunition truck, watch out for the escort."

                      (Steel that truck.)

Just follow that truck in front off you. Not easy! At the begin
watch out and prepare yourself for a bump in the back. Now simple
drive on the left footpath. After a while the trucks drives in
front off you. Brake! Then follow him on to the road.
He'll zigzag from left to right.
After a while, he'll cut the corner to the left and then go to
the right and left. He goes diagonal to the other road. Then hen
takes sneaky the next corner to the left. He cuts the corner to
the right and go left.
He follows the road. The little corners to the right. Jumps
straight and goes right at the end off this road. What you've got
to do is cut him till he stops. When he stops get out off your
car and jump in that truck! Now look to mission 10b;

*If you got lucky the escort while kill himself against trees
and cars*

TIME: 3:10 ? ? ?
Condition: Day, clear.

       "Drive the ammunition truck back to the lock up."

          (Drive that truck you get to your garage.)

It's simple you get every day another time, the most times 3:10.
That's why the question-mark are placed.
Simple look to your map and drive to the point.
When you drive in the passage you'll must do the following.

Next to the garage door there's a switch. Walk to it and press
Triangle at it. The door while open. Now drive the truck to the

Now you must close the door. Do this at the inside off the
garage. On the right side off the door is the switch.

"Well done, the ammunition will be save here."

MISSION 11a: Stop the explosives truck
TIME: 2:22
Condition: Day, clear.

                 (Stop that explosion truck.)

WATCH OUT FOR THE PILLARS! The fastest way is to drive between
those things. Now go left. And follow that truck. Oh and watch
out for that grenades he's throwing!!! He'll ride straight.
The best thing to do is NOT to drive behind him, but next to him.
He'll follow the way a long time.
It's hard to do, but you've got to bump him till he stops.
When he finally stops get out off your car. Step in that truck
and gass! (Look MISSION 11b for more details).

In this mission you wrote to get up beside the truck and ram it,
and you also wrote in the beginning to go through the pillars.  I
find that in the beginning if you go between the widest gap in
the pillars, and get into the lane opposite the truck, then pick
an intersect point and cross into the other lane and ram him,
then back off and do it again then the mission is much easier.  -
just a thought.
THANKS TO: Andrew Handy (26-11-00)

TIME: 5:13
Condition: Day, clear.

           "Get To the Lock-up with the explosives"

            (get also this truck to your garage.)

OOOHHH NOOOOOooo... Are you finally in that truck, must you drive
to the other side off the town! Your probably still on the highway
near the tunnel. Just drive this highway and take not any exit.
Watch out whit anything you hit, because you're probably a lot of
damaged. After a long time you'll see the white dot on your map
(bottom right). Take the exit to the left. DON'T take the first
right, but go in the passage in the middle of the road. Now
simple get out of the truck, open the door as the same way you
did it with the ammunition truck and close it also the same way.

"Well done, the explosions while be safe here."

MISSION 12: Find the clue
Condition: Day, cloudy.

      (check some cars to find out where the file is.)

Turn around quick and get in the car. Look on your map to see
where he is. The car has always another route,
so I can't work it out in my walkthrough.
But when you finally have him, you must:

"Check the car"

Simple go out off your car and get in that car that you tailed.

"Nothing here, check down the next car."

OOOohhh damn, to the other car... From the same reason that I
can't tell the route from car 1, I can't tell you the route from
car 2. I only tell you this: Get another car when your own car is
damaged! This car is a lot of harder to catch, so good luck.
Finally get it?

"Still no file, try the next car."

Next car... Catch it? What you expect?
Just drive to the simple to the next car. When you get near to it
and bump it stuck and finally get in that car you'll read:

"Try the last car"

Well, well, well. It's hard to believe but the file is really in
the last car!!! Just get it!

"Well done, you find the file."

MISSION 13: Escape to the Ferry
Condition: Day, raining.

        "Escape the cops, try heading for the ferry."

            (Get to the ferry without the cops.)

Get out off your car is the first thing what you've got to do.
If you get a new car, you'll be there fast. BUT if the cops are
chasing you, you've got a hard mission to do.

After a while they while say that the ferry is leaving!
Just give a lot of gass. Near the ferry they say that you've got
to jump. Easy if done right. But when you're on the ferry, BRAKE!

"Well done, you lost them."

MISSION 14: To The Docks
TIME: 4:30
Condition: Day, night, clear.

    "Get to the docks and follow up the Rossana soto clue."

                   (Simple go to the arrow)

Sometimes the psx does strange and your vehicle while be hanging
upside down in the air. What you can do about it???
Simple press Triangle + Up to get out off the car.
You're losing your car, but not your live.
Besides, at the wall there will be waiting a few cars for you!
When you get out of the ferry (get a car, if needed) drive
straight. When you get at the round road, simple cut a lot to
going over the grass to the left. You're riding West if done
right. Simple ride straight. Watch out for that big jump, because
you need to go in the tunnel... Go straight to the enter of the
tunnel this is like under here.

Tunnel entrance
    '.   __________
  _  '. /          
/ ___|**.         
|      |  **.       |___not important road (to the airport).
|      |    ***.    /
       T        |
       U      ferry (where you start)
       N     _______________________________________________
       N    | |/_ = the road.                              |
       E    | **** = how you must drive.                    |
       L    |   '. = just a arrow to where the entrance is.|

It's simple if you get the above map!
Now, when you're in the tunnel step on it. Give a lot off gass.
At the end off the tunnel go straight until you must go left or
right, there go right then immediately left. Now your on a highway
driving to the south. When the highway ends go to the left,
right, right, left. You're on the same height as the highway. Now
drive forward and don't take any turn. By the crossing with the
lights go straight and follow the way to the left.
You're now on a zigzag road. Drive to the end of this naughty
road. You can shortcut a lot! Now take the first corner to the
left. Trough that gate. Now inside, drive forward trough that
simple road-block and after that to the right. RED ARROW.

"Well done, but Rossana soto has left."

MISSION 15: Back to Jones
TIME: 2:30
Condition: Night, clear.

           "Get back to Jones, before Jericho splits."

        (Okay get in your car and get ready to race...)

Drive along the wall. Go after while to the left, where you can
off course. Slam again trough that simple fence. After going
rough the gate turn to the right. YES, again that zigzag road.
Drive it till the end. Near the end cut and take the corner to
the right. After that ride along the road. Take the first one
(after a while) to the right. Then follow the road (always go to
the right). After a long boring part, you'll see a exit on the
left. DON'T go in it. Now simple where it is go to the left.

"Get into Jones car."

DO IT!!!

"Well done, Jericho is still inside."

MISSION 16: Tail Jericho
TIME: 0:52
Condition: Day, night, clear.

AAAAARRRGGGGHHH!!!!! Another tail mission...

At the begin wait with gass giving. Then drive forward after that
stupid car. He won't drive always the same route. So I can't
explain it to you. Only some tips...
When you're near a corner, don't drive to close.


Mission 17
Chase and wreck Jericho's car
Time: Night
Time Limit: About 2:20

Mission 17
Straight 1/2 block, left until you hit the first street, then
turn right and go pas one street, on the next street, go left
until the first street you see. Go right, then on the next
street, go left, and go past one street. On the next street turn
slightly left. When you hit the next street, go slightly right,
on the next street, turn right, then go slightly right. Slightly
left, and go past one street, the on the next street, go left,
then right, then left for 2 blocks. On the second block, turn
left, then a hard right and go on that street until you catch

When you catched him simple go into his car.

                 "Wel done you've got him."

Mission 18
Lose the Brazilians and take Jericho back to the safe house
Time: Dusk
Time Limit: None

Mission 18
Go straight 1 and 1/2 blocks then turn left, go past 8 streets,
then turn right on the 9th. Follow the coast until you make a
hard but curving left turn, go pas one block and on the second,
go left past 1 street then turn left in an alley.

                       * * * * * * * *
                      * * * VEGAS * * *
                       * * * * * * * *

Mission 19
You're working for Caine. Get to the casino and pick up his gang
Time Limit:3:30

Go forward, then on the first street you see take a right. Follow
that road all the way down to the LOWER STRIP. When you can't go
any further, turn right, then in an alley, turn left.

Mission 20
Get to the bridge. Rescue him-fast
Time Limit:00:45

Go straight, then curve left up a hill. Go slightly right from
there, and go through fences and barrels. Then go straight for a
little bit and then go right and then straight until you see the
blue car. Take the blue car and go straight to your destination.

Mission 21
Driver a car back to Vasquez
Time Limit:3:00

Go forward, then when the road does a U-Turn, take a 90 degree
left and cut across to another road, turn right and follow that
road past 5 other roads. On the 6th, turn right and follow it all
the way down until you're close enough to make a right and go to
the end.


Mission 22
Get back to the safe house
Time Limit:2:00

At the begin run forward. Now go to the right. Here stance a
Limosine and a normal "fast" car. Get that normal car and drive!
Drive up that way to the right. By the crossing go to the left.
Now here's a long road. A highway. Just stay on it and step on it!
Take not the last, but that one before it to the left. Now you're
almost there... When you're by the split you'll see the red arrow

                    "Wel done you made it."

Mission 23a
Get to the bank. Rescue Caine's gang
Time Limit:3:30

AAAAARGGH! At the begin run forward and press triangle by the
switch next to the door. It's stupid that you must do that first!
Wel after that get in your red sportcar and drive...
WATCH OUT for that pick-up. Go to the right. Now on the road also
go to the right. And take the first one to the left up to the
highway (CUT IT). Well you can do two things here:

1: Stay on the highway and drive a little bit to much(I DO THIS).
2: Go the fast way and sneak trough the centrum.

1: Drive complete forward. And take the fourth to the right. This
is also a highway. Offcourse you cut the corner. Go straight
aggain and you can choose aggain between two things...

a: Drive a little bit much, but easy on the highway (I DO THIS).

b: Drive difficult trough the centrum

a: Drive forward and forward. Pfff finaly at the end?
Well, drive on the right side off the road. Take the corner to
the right and cut immediately the first corner to the right.
Now drive forward and your psx will take it over...

b: Okay, you're on the first highway. Also drive to the split
where you can go to the other highway. Now you're on that highway
take the second corner to the right. No aggain the first to the
left. Follow that road. It will go lie a "S". Now take at the
split on the end go to the left. Drive just a little bit more and
your PSX will take it over.

2: When you want to take the "fast" way. Take the frist or second
to the right. Then the first one to the left. Drive forward and
at the split at the end go to the right. Drive forward aggain and
at the end go to the left. Follow the road. Don't go to the left
by a split. But only take the corner to the right...
When you're on that raod, follow the "S" part and drive to the end.
By the split go to the left. Drive along with the road and your
psx will take it over.

Mission 23b:
Get to the safe house.
Time: 3:32
Drive to the safehouse without a tail.
Pfffff finaly you get to the bank now you've got to ride to the
You're with your nose to the North-East. Then take take the first
to the left. Just drive over the sand. Follow a little bit the
viaduct, but DON NOT go to the left. Now you're on a highway
aggain. Drive trough the "S" part (the corners). Now here's a
long, boring, straight highway. Aggain follow the "S" corners.
Now on the viaduct go to the right road that leaves down.
The best you can do is to go on the wrong side off the road.
Now you can easily drive to the left...
At last, now you're on a normal road.
Here are a lott off stupid little "S" corners. CUT ALOTT!
When you see a split go to the right. It's a tough turn so watch
out. Drive forward, follow the road to the left and you're almost
there. Stay on the right off the road. After a while they will
say: Get in to the lock up. Now brake hard and turn to the right
into that small road. Once you're in there drive forward. At a
moment on the left you'll see a open door with the red arrow!!!
Drive in it and close the door.

                           "Well done"

Mission 24
Steal the Ambulance
Steal an ambulance
Time Limit:About 2:20

When you start... Give gass! Turn to the right. Now try to ram
that ambulance. The best to do is to drive next to him and push
him. When you do this his damage increases big!
When you're at the start in front off him, lett him bump you!
Then he'll be soon broken!
Also try to lose that pig, ehhr cop behind you. It's easy, just
avvoid the traffic close and he'll smash into it!

*** oh no, the ambulance is not always driving the same way ***
  Under here is a route that he most off the times drives...

The ambulance will drive the following route:
He drives that road to the end and then turns to the right.
By the crossing he turns left. Here you can easy cut!
Then he takes the first to the RIGHT...
After that he cuts the corner to the left. Hurry your time is
running out! By the split he drives to the right and will
continue on the walkway! Then by the crossing he goes to the
right over the grass. He will drive on the left walkway and smash
some fences. And then he stops at the grass.

                 "Get in the ambulance"

Mission 24b
Drive the ambulance to the savehouse.
Time: Dusk
Time Limit:b about 3:00 (depense on where you are)

Well I can anly say: Step on it!
Oh and watch out, don't bump to much, because you already have
much damage.

      "Wel done. Caine's man can handle it from here."

Mission 25
Get Jones to the airport
Time Limit:3:10

This is a hard mission. Drive fast! When you take over the wheel
drive a little bit to the left because else you'll crash.
Now there are two ways to get fast to the airport.

1: Follow the way you drive (I preform).

2: Turn around.

1: Follow the way you drive (I preform).
When you do this, just follow that way to the end. Then turn to
the left onto the highway (CUT IT!).
Here's a long boring straight part...
You can jump over the stairs on the left or right side off the
road if you think it's boring...
(You'll hear your budy screaming.)
You must take the sixest turn to the left.
You can reconice this on the map with the four buildings around
it. Also you'll see on the right... The Statue Of Liberty!!!
When you've done this take the second turn to the right and
then the first to the left.  Simple follow the road to the right
and to the left. After that go right! Drive this way for a long
time. Ignore corners to the left. Now you're close.
Drive a little bit more and than:

                       "Wel Done."

2: Turn around.

At the begin when you've got the sfeeringwheel on your control...
Press triangle and left to make a "U" turn.
After you've done that drive forward. At the end off that street
Go to the right on the "S" road. CUT A LOTT HERE!
After that go on the highway by getting the "ramp" on the right.
Drive this road for a long time... When you see the viaducts
you've got to go forward. Now drive "under" the viaduct trough
that leaves to the right. Just drive aggainst the traffic. After
a while you can go to the right... DO THAT! Follow this road.
When you see a corner to the right, it's faster to get in that
one. Now take the next corner to the left and drive straight.
Ignore any corners to the left. Now you're there.

                       "Wel Done."

Mission 26a
Find the car and get the keys
Time Limit: about 4:00

At the begin walk to your car.
I can't explain the route you've got to ride because it's always
diffirent. But at the begin whe you're in your car... Turn
around to the right! Also cut the corners!

When you're close to him wait with bumping him.
And then when he takes a corner, HIT HIM!

Finaly got him bumped much times?

                   "Get in and get the keys."

Now simple get in and get the keys!

                  "You've the keys, wel done."

Mission 27
Get to the car lot without a tail
Time Limit:3:00

Ok, this is a long mission.
At the begin run to your car get in and turn around. Drive
yourself to the highway. Now here's a long part... You've got to
drive this for a long time... After a long boring part off
highway you can go left onto the road "Framont". Do this
offcourse. Drive this street to the last corner to the right. Now
drive forward and your psx whill take it over.

          "Well done you've the explosions."

Mission 28
Lose the cops and get to Vasquez's base
Time Limit:3:30

Get out off the garage and turn to the right. After you've done
this drive a little bit to the left and the to the split. Here go
also right. Drive in the way that the viaduct leads. But now go
driving on the left sand part. After a time you'll see two old
houses. Go between them. Then you'll notice that here is a
entrance for the highway! When you're on the highway go to the
left offcourse. Ignore the two "ramps" and step on it! After a
long ride you'll see houses on the right. Go ride at the back off
them. Here you'll also see some fences. Go to the right after the
fences. Now you've cut a big part!

                "Get inside and plant the C4"

Where the red arrow is there's also a door. Get out off your car
and press triangle by that door. He will go open. Now walk
straight and you'll see the first red arrow. Pres triangle when
you're near it.

                          "2 left"

Do the same by the truck next to it.

                          "1 left"

And offcourse also by the last truck

                     "Get out off there"

DO IT!!!

           "Well done you destroyed Vasquez's yards"

                        * * * * * * *
                       * * * RIO * * *
                        * * * * * * *

Mission 29a
Steal a bus to wreck Vasquez's cars
Time Limit:6:00

Get in your yellow car and drive to the road. Here you've got to
go to the right. Now by the viaduct go straight. You see before
the split that little road with a palmtree next to it???
Well go in there and you've cut a big part! If you missed it go
to the right by the split. It's a boring "S" road, so try to cut
much. Drive this road complete to the end. And then go to the
left. Take aggain the first one to the left. Now look on your
right. Here you'll see the red arrow pointing to a big bus!

             "Get out off the car and steal the bus."

Now simple do it!

                    "Now go wreck Vasquez's cars."

Mission 29b
Time limit: What wash left from 29a.

Drive to the right and the take the first to the left. After that
go to the right. Now drive in the next corner to the right and
you're on a "S" road. Don't take to many risks!
At the end off this boring road go to the right. Take the first
one to the left and you're almost there! Watch out for the
traffic, because your riding aggainst the traffic. When you see
on the little map (right botom off your screen) that you're
almost there, then look for a open place on the left side off the
road. Here are the cars. Now BUMP!!! You've got them bumping
until the red arrow is gone! When you bumped them all,

           "Get out off there and back to your lock-up."

Time limit: 2:35?

Okay, drive back to the road and get out off that bus!!!
If your luckey there'll be stopping a car before your bus. Get in
a car and drive east. Follow this road to the end and then go to
the left. Take the first corner to the right. Drive straight.
When you're near "the point" look left for a open garage. Get in
it and,

                         "Wel done."

Mission 30a
Steal a cop car and hide it
Time: Dusk, Raining.
Time Limit: 1:40

* ** TIP ** ** TIP ** ** TIP ** ** TIP ** ** TIP ** ** TIP **  *
*                                                              *
* If you've got enough time when you're at the police station, *
* Then unlock the cheat... Imunaty ! ! !                       *
* Look in section 10 for more explanation.                     *
*                                                              *
*  ** TIP ** ** TIP ** ** TIP ** ** TIP ** ** TIP ** ** TIP ** *

Okay, this is a hard mission. At the begin drive a little bit to
the left backward and then burnout that damn garage. Now drive
this whole road to the end. Even follow the corner to the left.
At the split go to the right. Then comes a boring "S" part. After
that "S" part take the first on to the left. Then follow the road
to the right. Drive straight at the crossing and you'll see the
red arrow.

                    "Get out and open the door."

Now behind the red arrow is a door. Press triangle when you're in
the front off it and it will open.
When you're inside go to the left and there's the police car!
Get in it.

                    "Get back to the hideout."
Mission 30b
Drive back to the hideout.
Time: Dusk, Raining.
Time Limit: about 3:30

Okay don't be scary about that noise. Just drive to the right and
you'll see the exit. Go to the left after that exit and then back
to the right. When you see the road drive on it to the left.
Here you can do two things:

1: Drive over the highway.
2: Drive trough the centrum. (I PREFORM)

1: Drive over the highway.

Okay now you're on the road. Simple drive straight. After a while you'll 
come in the tunnel. After that tunnel you'll drive high. Here you can also 
do two things.

A: Follow the same route
B: Drive to the right.

A: Follow the same route

Just ignore the up and down ramps and drive forward...
After a long part off highway you'll come at another part where
you can leave the highway. Here you must leave him to the right.
Drive straight at the next crossing. After a while you'll come at
a boring "S" road. Just drive follow the road. Ignore after that
the corner to the right. Take the next corner (CUT IT!) to the
right and follow the road. You'll come across little "S" part.
Drive this whole road to the end and then go by the split to the
left. Go in the second corner to the left. Now you're almost
there. Drive straight and past the third crossing you'll see some
pilars on the right. Go in  the open garage and,

                        "Wel done."

B: Drive to the right.

Okay go to the left on the "on ramp" that's for the other
traffic. When you're down make a "U" turn ton the right. Follow
this road. By the split (where you can go right) go right. You
can shortcut it by going into the small road. On the left. Drive
this road for a long part. You must drive this road to the end
and at the split go to the left. It's the best thing to do to
take the first to the right. By the split go to the left. Follow
this boring road (YOU CAN CUT ENORM) and take the third corner to

the left. Now you're almost there. Drive straight and past the
third crossing you'll see some pilars on the right. Go in  the
open garage and,

                        "Wel done."

2: Drive trough the centrum. (I PREFORM)

Okay at the begin when you turn on the road take the first corner
to the right. Now you've got to follow this road for a long time.
Take the ninth corner to the left. It's hard to count fot you so
I'll tell you how you can reconice it. On your right you'll see
some grass. If you look on your little map in the right bottom
than you'll see a road that seems to lead nowhere. When you're on
this road contine drive this for a long part. Follow the corner
to the right and left. When you see grass you can cut! After
you've done this you'll be back in the town... Take the second
corner to the left. Now you're almost there. Drive straight and
past the third crossing you'll see some pilars on the right. Go
in  the open garage and,

                        "Wel done."

Mission 31a
Pull over a limo and make a cash pickup
Time:Night, Raining.
Time Limit: Steal a limo: About 00:15.
            Drive limo: About 2:00.

At the begin gass! Make a burnout to the right, and turn on the
road to the left. Now take the first to the right. Don't take it
to hard, but block the road. Now get in the limo...

       "Now get to the Mansion and collect the cash."

Okay, when you're in the lime drive straight around your cop car.
Now follow the road. Gor straight by the crossings. And turn on
to the highway (the third left). You can cut it realy good over
the grass!!! When you're on the highway drive straight for a long
time. After a long part follow the road to the right and take the
first one to the left. Now you'll drive under a viaduct. Take the
third corner to the right and then the first ton the left. Watch
carefully for that corner to the left, because you've got to go
to the "castle'". Your PSX will take it over.

                    "Get out off there."

Mission 31b
"Get out off there."
Time: Night, Raining.
Time Limit: 2:00

                            ** TIP **
Why don't you take another car???

                            ** TIP **

When you take over the wheel you're close to a crossing. Go
straight by that thing. Now by the next crossing go to the left.
Then drive forward. Drive also straight where you can go up to
the highway. When you're on the highway (THAT ONE THAT GOES
SOUTH) take the first one to the right. By the crossing go
straight and follow the road to the left. After that drive
straight for a long time (aggain). When you're near look for a
open garage. Go in it...

                     "Well done you get away."

Mission 32
Chase and destroy a car
Time Limit:About 4:40 or 4:45

                            ** TIP **

When you are chasing the other car, you can push it into the
water and the damage will go up very rapidly!

                            ** TIP **

He'll drive like this:
First he goes straight, the right left. Straight aggain. Then
right left. Now he's at the coast. He'll drive this for a long
time... At the end he goes offcourse to the left (what else?).
But then he takes the first one to the left! After that the first
one to the right. Now you've got to bump him, because your time
is alsmost over.

When you can walk go sleightly to the right and get your ugly
yellow car. After that make a burnout to the right (over the
grass) and go on to the road. Drive this to the end and go left.
Aggain drive this road to the end, but now go to the right by the
split. Here you can do two things.

1: Head for the coast (I PREFORM).
2: Drive trough the centrum and see him later.

1: Head for the coast (I PREFORM).

After you turned right by the split drive complete to the coast.
You'll see he drives to the coast also...

             "Well done you stopped the hitman."

2: Drive trough the centrum and see him later.

After you've turned right by the split take the first one to the
left. Now drive this road to the end and you'll see him later
there. He'll come on the wrong side off the road!

             "Well done you stopped the hitman."

Mission 33
Drive to a boat, place explosives, and jump off
Time Limit:2:50 place explosives: 0:30

                            ** TIP **

First of all, the time limit is 2:29, but if you fail it'll go up
to 2:39, then 2:49, but it won't ever go past 2:49.

                            ** TIP **

Run to your car. After that drive to the left on the road. Follow
this road and go to the right when you can. Follow this road and
cut the corners. Afyter you jumped over the bridge go to the
right. Now just follow the road. Follow the corner to the right
and to the left in the wood. Drive straight aggain and when
you're at the grass drive forward also. DON'T follow the way but
cut it! If you lose the way go north. Okay after the corner to
the left you'll see a fence on the right with trees. After the
trees look to it untill you see a hole in it. Go in here and
drive straight. You'll see the red arrow!

       "Drive onto the ship and place the explosions."

                     READ THIS CAREFULL ! ! !

When you go up the ship park your car like under here in the

    ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^
    | | | | | | | | | | | | | |
    |               ##       |
    |             . ##       |
    |            .  ##       |
    |           .            |   ##  = your car!
    E   EXPLO- .         E   |   ^^
____N    TION .          X   |   ||  = the ship goes that way
    T        .           P   |
    E       .            L   |   WALL = what do you think???
    R      .             O   |
____A     .              T   |   ...  = how to drive
    N    .               I   |
    C   .                O   |
    E  .                 N   |

Okay when you parked your car get out and place the explosions.
When you placed the first one for some reason your timer has got
25 sec. When you have set the third explosive, run in your car
and press O. You should jump off to the right. You'll see a
concreat wall (not very high) everywhere on the right except for
very close to the edge of the boat, jump to the place nearest the

Mission 34
Drive across town to Jones
Time: Day
Time Limit: About 4:15

PFFFfff... This is a hard mission!
You've got to drive across the town...
Well when you start drive backward. At the end sfeer to the
right. Now your nose is to the West if done right. Okay now step
on it! Give gass and take the first ob to the right. Drive this
road to the end. Follow the corner to the right and then take the
fourth to the left. Now drive straight. You'll come trough a
tunnel and after that do the following:
Drive to the left "off ramp" that's a "up ramp" for the other
traffic. When you're doen make a "U" turn to the right. Now
continue this road. Ignore the corner to the right. Go trough the
tunnel and avvoid the traffaic on this damn "S" road.

Mission 35
Chase and destroy a car
Time Limit:About 1:50

Mission 36
Race across town to a destination
Time Limit:About 1:20

Mission 37
Chase a helicopter
Time Limit: None


                       ##  12: FAQ's   ##

Q: When I unlock immunity, will only the cops not chase me, or do
   the Brazilians also not chase me?

A: The Brazilians will NOT chase you!

Q: In Mission 35 (catch Jones's killer), how far do I have to
   knock the Brazilian down the cliff for him to die?

A: You don't have to drop him in the cliff, just bump him.

Q: Can I turn on my lights, or do they always turn on by

A: They always turn on themselves.

Q: Can I get a police car?

A: Yes, but only the police cars that are parked on the side off
   the road. Just look on the side off the road. The cops won't
   spot you, because they're not in it!

Q: When do I unlock that other cities?

A: Simple, when you're there with the mission's. I'm working hard
   on this walkthrough, but the first 15 mission are ready!

Q: What can I do when I'm walking?
   (Solid***** fake address and LANDON GOT)

A: Only get into a other car (Triangle + UP).
   You CAN'T shoot, jump or something other.

Q: When i am playing driver 2, and i am driving around there
   sometimes appears a message 'OUT OF TAPE' at the bottom left
   side of the screen it also appeared in driver 1. What does
   this mean?

A: It means that the tape don't record any more. So when you want
   to see the replay you see it till there.
   THANKS TO: shortysk8er16 and Justin Rix and Arto Ollila and
   David Zicari and Charlie Hull and Jittery J and
   Jeffrey Checkeye and Michael Thompson and Marcelo Suzumura and
   Kirckey and BEANSWAN and Brett and Michal Ries and Jason Smith
   and Oliver Ddin oohh and also a lot of other guys!

Q: When you wreck cop cars, can you steal them and drive off?
   (POSTED BY EVAN FALON 15-11-00)

A: No, it's not possible to do. When the cops are chasing you,
   you CAN'T get out off the car. And when he's wrecked you don't
   can get in it. And also if it can be done, you can't drive
   because that car's wrecked. Sometimes there are cops parked on
   the site off the road. You should get that car. There is no
   police in it!!!

Q: How may hours on average does it take to complete the missions
   in Driver 2?

A: A long time. No just kidding, I've got not a real idea off it.
   Maybe a hour off 6.

Q: When you hit a car, then take it, does the damage still stay
   (POSTED BY EVAN FALON 17-11-00) again ? ? ?

A: Yes. Off course, It's weird... But when you steal a car that
   you've bump. The damage while be the same!

Q: Will the cheat for invincibility for the first Driver work on
   this one?
   (POSTED BY BIBETO1 18-11-00)

A: No, not one cheat will work... From the old game.

Q: In what levels can you find cop cars?
   (POSTED BY EVAN FALON 20-11-00)

A: In every level are police... Just look out to that guys!

Q: What are some cheats that are not for GAMESHARK?
   (POSTED BY EVAN FALON 20-11-00)

A: Don't know, I don't have cheats...

Q: What does the CHEATS AND SECRETS option mean, I unlocked a car
   and place, but it's still not there!
   (POSTED BY EVAN FALON 20-11-00)

A: Mmmmh you get cheats when you play out hole the game. Look in
   The section about secrets (10)

Q: When do I unlock the 2 other cities, when I pass the city in
   UNDERCOVER, or when I start it?
   (POSTED BY EVAN FALON 20-11-00)

A: When you get pasted it in the undercover missions.

Q: What are some of the ways to get your felony bar up?
   (POSTED BY EVAN FALON 20-11-00)

A: First find some cops. Then when they chase you bump everything
   and anything!

Q: Is there any way to get your felony bar down?
   (POSTED BY EVAN FALON 20-11-00)

A: Get out off the car when the police is not chasing you, then
   get a new car and your felony while be much lower...
   Also you can walk... The police while never chase you when you

Q: What are the signal lights in driver 2 ?

A: In Driver 2 you don't have any signal lights. Not like in 1
   you can hold left/right. No, I guess you haven't got them.

                   ##   13: Still needed   ##

Under here is the stuff that I still need to do / want from you:

I need to do:
*Finish the mission walkthrough.
*Finish the driving games walkthrough.

I Want from you! ([email protected] or icq: 55719984
*MAPS ! maps for all the cities. Then I can show you where the
secrets and shortcuts are!
*Finish the what's NEW DRIVER 2 section. ANY SUGGESTIONS?
*Has anybody a explorer? If yes... HAVE YOU GOT CHEATS ? ? ?
Secret race track!!! (section 10)

I know he stands right up here but:
He gives me today:
MUCH FAQS questions (section 12)
VERY MUCH information for the multiplayer games.
CAR LIST ! ! ! ! For every level!!!
I can give it to you

                      Copyright and stuff

This whole FAQ is copyrighted by
([email protected])
if you can't find it somewhere else and you tell me, you'll come in the
special thanks sector.
So you can mail me to [email protected]
                   Or ICQ 55719984

The mail that I will look to must be have the following:
*Something that corrects my FAQ.
*Questions for in my FAQ section.
*Things that I must set in this Walkthrough.
*Tips for things I still need to do. Look in the Still needed

The mail that I WON'T read:
*Hate mail, about this "BAD" faq. If you hate this walkthrough,
then go away here.
*Things that I already have in my Walkthrough.


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