ECW Anarchy Rulz PS Cheats

ECW Anarchy Rulz



3-On-1 Match:

When in a 3-On-1 match in career mode, just keep doing moves on opponents

and try to get in as many moves as possible. When the time limit expires

it will give the win to you if you did more damage to them than vice versa.

TV Belt Tour:

Win TV Title with any wrestler on hard difficulty to unlock Belt Tour Mode.

In which you go through a tournament to win belts (in this case just the

tv title) for featured wrestlers and created. Which will show up on the

character bio screen.

Unlock the Heavyweight Belt Tournament:

You must first go through Career mode as any wrestler on hard difficulty.

If you win Career Mode, you will unlock the Belt Tournament. That will be

located under Utilities.

Unlock Hangman Mode:

Beat Heavyweight Belt Tournament with Kid Kash on hard difficulty to unlock

Hangman Mode.

Joey Styles:

Beat Heavyweight Tournament with Sandman and unlock Joey Styles.

Joel Gertner:

Beat Heavyweight Belt Tournament with Mike Whipwreck and unlock Joel Gertner.

Sally M:

Beat Heavyweight Belt Tournament with Dawn Marie and unlock Sally M.

Judge Jeff Jones:

Beat Heavyweight Belt Tournament with Jack Victory and unlock Judge jeff


Unlock Lance Storm:

Beat Heavyweight Belt Tournament as The Trainer on Hard difficulty, to unlock


Unlock Cyrus and Jim Moleniaux:

Beat Heavyweight Belt Tournament as Rhino on hard difficulty to unlock the


Unlock Bill Alfonso:

Beat Heavyweight Belt Tour on Hard Difficuly to with Devito, to unlock Alfonso.

Powerbomb Through Table:

To do a powerbomb through a table, when creating a wrestler, get the Straight

Jacket Powerbomb (tie up). This will let you do a powerbomb through a table

where any other powerbomb won’t.

Do High Flying moves in Backlot Brawls:

In a Back-lot Brawl match walk over to the left side or the bottom where

there’s a cage, hit L2 or hold in the direction of the fence to climb up

to the top. Execute your top rope move or a move off a fence, you can also

jump off the barrel in the top left and top right corners.

Finishing Moves:

To do a finishing move you need to have the opponent in the right position

(ground or standing) they have to be in red and they have to be stunned.

GameShark Codes

Infinite Creation Points:

Infinte Health P1:

Unlock Everything:

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