Einhander PS Cheats

Bonus fighters:

Unlock fifteen or more secrets and complete gameplay under any difficulty level

to fly in one of the small Earth fighters. Complete the game under the hard difficulty

level without continuing more than two times to fly in one of the Moon fighters

from the final level.

Gallery Option:

Complete the game with to access a “Gallery” option from the main menu. Select

it to view various graphics depicting the ships, weapons, and battles in the


Have It Your Way:

When you start the game, lose all your lives, and when the continue screen comes

up let it time out, then after that when you pick another ship, you will be

able to choose specifically which weapons you, (You can only choose the weapons

you have won before the continue screen).

Get Riot in 1st Level:

To get the Riot in the first level get to the miniboss (Robot on floating platform

with machinegun+spreader.) Destroy the platform only! WARNING: Platform has

2 pieces! If you only make it explode once you did it wrong. It should fall.

WARNING: After it falls it WILL still shoot at you if you get destroyed you

have to fight him again.

GameShark Codes

Infinite Ammo

800848320063 Infinite Lives

800813c40003 Super Armor

800857180001 Invincible Weapons

8008483003c0 (Top Ammo Pod Position) Invincible Weapons

80084b6203c0 (Top Ammo Pod Position) Invincible Weapons

8008498003c0 (Bottom Ammo Pod Position) Invincible Weapons

80084cb203c0 (Bottom Ammo Pod Position) High Power Machine Gun


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