Final Fantasy IX PS Cheats

Final Fantasy IX


The Excalibur II:

Beat the game in under 12 playing hours and you will get The Excalibur II, Steiner’s most powerful weapon.

Black Jack Mini-Game:

Beat the game normally and allow the credits to finish. Press R2, L1, R2, R2, Up, X, Right, Circle, Down, Triangle, L2, R1, R2, L1, Square, Square at "The End" screen. A sound of an item being used will confirm correct code entry. Press Start to play the Black Jack mini-game.

Renaming Characters:

To do this you must have the Namingway Card. You can get this card during the card tournament in Treno if you go against Mario or you can find it in Kuja’s Palace (it’s in the room where he is always in by the couch). Once you have the Namingway Card go to Daggereo and get to the middle floor. Here you will find a man who wants to see the card and will rename your characters after seeing the card (don’t worry he won’t take the card).

Quan’s Dwelling Reunion:

If you take Vivi and Quina to Quan’s Dwelling, you get a short movie sequence. After that, go to the balcony and examine the clock to get a partially rare item, the running shoes.

The Excalibur Sword:

The Excalibur Sword is Steiners 2nd strongest weapon. If you are not able to get to the Memoria in 12 hours you should get this sword (If your getting confused with the Excalibur swords, -the Excalibur 2 is Steiners strongest sword and the Excalibur is his 2nd strongest sword). You can get it by going to the town of Daggereo and talking to the old man by the Libarian. He will ask you to get him the "Magicians Fingertip." You can only get the Magicians Fingertip in Treno in the Auction House. You must first get 4 items. I can’t remember them right now but get the items that you have never heard of. Eventually you can get the Magicians Fingertip. After getting it go back to the old man in Daggereo. He will ask you if you will give it to him. Say "yes." He will then say something about his wife then give you the Excalibur in return. There now this sword is the 2nd strongest for Steiner and it allows you to learn the ability "Climhazzard." This is a very good attack.

Easy Exp. & AP Early in the Game:

After you defeat the Plant Brain, allow the Plant Spiders to attack you. They are easy to kill, as Zidane, Steiner and Blank can kill them in one hit, and Vivi can dispatch them with one Fire or Thunder blast. By staying in the middle of the screen, you also have enough time to go into your inventory and use Potions and Ethers as needed. Do this to easily gain a few levels, as well as gain the AP needed for your abilities. If you stole an Iron Helm from the Plant Brain, Steiner can level up even more, as it grants the Level Up ability.

More Easy Exp. Points:

Once you have an airship, go to Vile Island (located south-west of the Iifa Tree). Walk around that island until you encounter a cute ram called a Yan. Fight these monsters but be careful: these guys are extremely tough. If you have a hard time with these little fellas, try going to the grasslands near Daguerreo. Fight the Grand Dragons there. They yeild around 8000++ exp.

The Ultima Weapon:

Zidains most powerful weapon the ultima weapon can be found by going to the chocobo forest playing the game until you get the pepper. Then go to where shining island used to be (with an airship) and us the powder you will get a screen saying reiceved The Ultima Weapon (or something like that).

Zidane’s Best Weapon:

If you find all of the chocographs you will get Zidanes best weapon.

Jump Rope Trick:

At the beginning of the game when Vivi comes into the town square you will see a group of three small girls playing jump-rope in the upper left hand corner. You can play as well and gain very rare items in the beginning of the game. However, this is very hard to do as the jump rope excalates to a speed of mammoth proportions. A simple trick to this is to press X as soon as Vivi’s feet touch the ground(When you hear the thump of his feet against the ground.). If you do this right, no matter how fast the jump-rope goes you can always jump it.

Special Chocobos:

After you aquire Choco in chocobo forest start looking for chocographs in the ‘Chocobo hot and cold game’. Some of the treasure sprays gas out at you instead of treasure. You’ll be transported to the "chocobo dream world" there a fat chocobo will grant you new abilities. The abilities are: shallow water crossing, mountain crossing, ocean crossing, and the flight abilities (you need dead peppers to fly). You get new abilities every time you go to the dream world. Don’t forget to go to ‘chocobo lagoon’, ‘chocobo paradise’, and the chocobo air base.

2 Player Mode!:

First, pause the game (so the menu comes up). Next, go to the CONFIG option and go to battle control. Set it to custom and push X. You now control who second player plays!

How to get the Grand Dragon Card:

Just defeat the Grand Dragon with your level is 71 and up or you will be killed.


(Unconfirmed) Fight Hades after 12 hours

All you have to do is after Quina’s illusion about swimming under water, just go behind the big rock and keep pressing the X button and then you will be given the option to challenge Hades.

Get To Hades In Under 12 Playing Hours:

1. Skip the FMVs by opening the disc cover and closing it again.

2. Skip ATEs. However, if the ATEs cannot be avoided, get rid of it quickly by following step 3.

3. During dialogue sequences, mash the X button! You'll get sore fingers but hey, you can get to Hades!

4. Forget about Side Quests. Do them later after you beat Hades.

5. Before buying, SAVE. then got to the shop. Pick the itmes you are going to buy, then reset the game

(L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + Select + Start). Load the game again, and quickly buy the desired items.

6. Learn the High Tide Ability. This will help in defeating bosses (especially Zidane's Grand Lethal Attack).

7. Don't worry if you can't get the game under 12 hours! REMEBEMER: THIS IS JUST A GAME!

Friendly Monsters:

Give all 9 monsters what they’re looking for to get AP in return and this also enables you to deal physical attacks to the boss on chocobos flying island. They are found only in this order.

Brown Mu:       Plains between Ice cavern & Dali, wants 1 ore, gives 10ap & potion

White Ghost: Plains around Trueno, wants 1 ore, gives 10ap & Hi-potion

Colour Ladybug: Forest around Black Mage Village, wants 2 ores, Gives 20ap & esther

Green Yeti: Bigger Forest outside Madain Sari, wants 2 ores, gives 20ap & elixir

Green Nymph: Forest near Lifa Tree, wants 3 ores, gives 30ap & Emerald

Purple Jabberwock: Forest directly east of Oeilvert, wants emerald, gives 40ap & moonstone

Green Featercircle: Lost continent, wants moonstone, gives 30ap & Lapiz Lazuli

Rainbow Garuda: East forest plateau above Gizamalukes grotto, wants lapiz lazuli, gives 40ap & diamond

Friendly Yan: Forest on Vile Island, wants diamond, gives 50ap & Rosetta Ring

Stellazio Coins:

If you find all 13 of the stellazio coins you end up with a lot of money and useful items. Here’s where you find them:

Aries    -in Dali's windmill

Taurus -behind Trueno's shop in slums

Gemini -throw 10gil in fountain(trueno) 13 consecutive times

Cancer -behind overturned cart in Burmecia

Leo -near statue of neptune before Alexandria harbour

Virgo -Black mages inn

Libra -right side of fountain (madain sari)

Scorpio -In Quan's dweeling near bottom treasure chest

Capricorn-In the water on the right hand side path.

Aquarius -Chest on the right hand side in the first room at Ipsen's castle

Pisces -Treasure chest inside Invincible Airship

Opiuschus-after all 12 are found go back to where you found scorpio

Sagitarius- Lindblum's business district after alexandria is destroyed.

It lies on on the ground on the left side right there where you arrive to the district.

Different Ending:

If you get all the stellazio coins you get a hammer from the queen. If you keep it until you beat the final boss you get a different ending in which something entirely different happens.

Princess Garnet’s REAL Name:

This should be done on Disc 4. First, form a party with dagger in it and go to Mardain Sari and go to Eiko’s back porch. There you’ll find Lani. She’ll run away when she notices you. Now leave the village and go to the world map and form a party that excludes Dagger and Amarant. Talk to Lani and after reading what she has to say, go to the Eidlon wall and walk clockwise all the way around until you get to the door again. Go just pass the "!" and you sould hear a chime. Now go counterclokwise just pass the "!" at the door again. Do this 9 times and you should see a message that says "HP and MP restored. Abnormal status removed. Now read ALL the messages on the wall. The order you read them in doesnt matter. Just make sure you read them all or it wont work. Now go to the Ifrit picture and you’ll see the "!". In the message, you’ll see Dagger’s True name.

How to Defeat the Grand Dragons:

Grand Dragons are found above Gzamalukes’s Grotto in the plains. Have each party member equipped with a Coral Ring to absorb the thunderaga spell. Also have a lot of Phoenix Downs because at the start, his physical attacks will kill you in one hit, and if your not immune to poison, bring a lot of antidotes. Happy hunting!

Optional Boss:

On the 3rd disc after the card tournament, in Alexandria castle on top of the book shelf you can see a book on top of the bookshelf it will say something like, "Face me if you dare" say yes and you will be able too fight Tantarion an opional boss.

Life’s a Beach:

When you finally find all the treasures in the chocobo side quest, (including all the chests, underwater ones [the bubbling places], and the land ones [those crumbly cave like thingeys you have to use a dead pepper on]), when you go back to chocobo’s paradise and challenge the fat chocobo to a card game, he will say something about visiting all the beaches in the world. If you then go to every beach and press the circle button on them, you’ll hear a chiming sound. (just follow the coast of every continent, but be careful there are one or two little islands with a beach on them). Once you visited them all, you’ll get some message like "You’ve watched the waves all around the world and relaxed." From now on you can visit any beach, and when you press circle, all your character’s HP, and MP are restored. It even restores KO’d characters back to life. Just remember, when searching for beaches, Zidane must be OFF his chocobo for the chiming sound to work.

All the Experience:

This is just a trick in order to have one of your players have the most exp while in vile island. All you have to do is put some viruses on your comrades exept the one you want to level up, because while you have a virus you can’t gain any exp butt you can kick butt at the same time, w/c will make those levels keep going up.

Level Ups in FF9:

Have Chubs in your party and make sure he has level 5. death, this spell kills grand dragons instantly.

Mognet Central:

If you like to deliver mail from moggle to moggle you will at some point hear about mognet central. Its located at Vile Island. Go there on choco and walk around the mountain until you see a crack. Use dead pepper on it and you will be in mognet central.

Hippaul’s Secret Card:

When Dagger becomes queen and you get to roam around Alexandria. Go to the steeple and climb the ladder and ring the bell and you will get Hippaul’s special card collection.

Race Hippaul:

You should race Hippaul because if you win at certain times, his mom will give you cards such as the Tiger Racket. To do so, you need to be at the beginning of disc 3. At some point, you will have to go to the underground theater, the place where Puck stole the ladder in disc 1. DON’T GO YET! You will have control of Vivi. You should start off where you started in the beginning. Look to your left. Hippaul and his mom should be there. Talk to both of them a few times. Then talk to his mom and she’ll ask you if you want to race. Say yes. And there you go. *NOTE* This will get harder and harder every time you win. And you will only get cards if his level ends with a 0 (20, 30 ect.). You will get more rare cards as his level goes up. If you can’t get the cards you want, just give up! It’s only a game (or unless you use the GameShark, of course….Heheheh).

Chocobo Paradise:

Get a flying chocobo and a dead pepper. Fly to the top left corner of the map land on the island. On the island (grass) you can fight atamantoise and (forest) worm hydras. Use the dead pepper on the crack in the mountain, it will say a crack crumbled and you will go in. Mene comes but fat chocobo tells you both to go away.(NOTE you and choco stay) (NOTE you can get chocobo cards off fat chocobo(HP:0P00) (NOTE talk to the other chocobo’s to get more info) (NOTE you can only go in on choco).

Infinite Money:

In chocobo paradise there is a chocobo that gives you all his dead peppers. Sell them and come back. Continue doing this and you will have infinite money.

Don’t Let Hades Escape Your Malice:

If you didn’t reach Hades in Memoria before the 12 hour mark you can still fight him and use his synthesist shop by beating Ozma in the chocobo air garden any time in the game then go to the room where Quina thinks she is swimmming and take the path behind the coral mashing the X button to find him.

Easy Escape:

Note: this cheat doesn’t work on bosses

Simply let Vivi use a long spell like Fira. In the mean while, press L1 and R1 to escape. Once Vivi is done with it’s attack, you’ll be escaped!

This cheat doesn’t work always but at least 95% of the time!

Easy Money Gaining:

Go to a syntesize shop and make a pretty good weapon. Sell it in a weapon shop and you’ll gain much more money than you’ve paid to synth the item! You can use this cheat limitless so you’ll be rich!


– Always take Eiko in your party when you’re able to choose your party. She has Eidolons that may be usefull (such as Carbuncle or Pheonix)

– Always accept Siltzkin’s offers to buy some items for a few Gil. Some of them are very rare!

– First let Eiko learn Pheonix because it is very usefull against the powerfull monsters in the Outer Continent (wich easily K.O. a party member).

– Save at every Moogle! You might simply run into a tough bossfight!(Like Gizamaluke, you won’t expect you’ll have to fight him!)

We Don’t Want to Play With You Anymore, Zidane:

It’s hardly a cheat, but if you’re tired of Zidane by the end of the game, and, for whatever reason, you feel he’s an underpowered and overrated thief (Which he ultimately IS) you don’t have to fight with him against Necron. That’s right! Use that Killer party you’ve been dying to! Just highlight Zidane during the character selection screen right before Necron and move him over to the waiting area and replace him with your favorites.

Dump Zidane:

In Addition to my previously mentioned cheat (We don’t want to play with you anymore, Zidane) It turns out you can dump Zidane as soon as you have enough people to replace him. He will of course have to be in your party at select times, but otherwise it’s up to you.

Wanna Get Most of Beatrix’s Item Really Easy:

(On Disk 3) You only need an EXTRA of ANY of Steiner’s WEAK HAT, WEAK ARMOR, and WEAK GLOVES. On disk 3, when Alexandria is about to be destroyed by Kuja. Beatrix and Steiner will fight together to battle some bug monster. Before you battle anyone. Press start, then equip, then to Beatrix. Replace Beatrix hat, armor, and gloves with any of Steiner’s extra stuff. (I just forgot what you will get). Its too bad that you cannot get the "Save The Queen" sword. Warning: Dont equip Beatrix with Important items, because I think when Steiner and Beatrix fight together, I think thats the last time you will have the control of her. YOULL NEVER BE ABLE TO GET YOUR ITEM BACK, thats why it says equip Beatrix with weak and unvalluble items!

Quadriple Vivi’s Magic Power:

Have Eiko use Carbuncle and get Vivi to use a black magic that can target all characters and MUST be reflectable, such as Bio or Thundaga. Then cast it onto your characters. It will reflect onto the enemy with 4X the power. Meteor, Comet or doomsday Wont work because they don’t reflect.

How to use Doomsday to Your Advantage:

You can learn Vivi’s magic doomsday with the mace of Zeus (it can be find in memoria). When you cast it and the huge dark meteor impacts, it will damage your enemies and your party members by 9999. But if you equip your party with something that absorbs darkness based magic (like pumice piece, ninja gear, or egoist’s armlet) it will restore your characters’ HP and damage your enemies by 9999, making doomsday the most powerfull magic to YOUR advantage.

Get Ark:

The guy that wrote "don’t let Hades escape your malice" is an idiot.He forgot to tell that if you bring two Pumice Pieces to Hades’s synth shop ,they can make the Pumice wich allows Dagger to learn how to summon Ark (the most powerfull eidolon).

Get Odin:

When Queen Brahne dies, Dagger will receive the eidolons that were stolen from her. But wait a minute…Odin is missing!!!. Don’t worry about that, all you have to do is go to the Auction in Treno (in disc 4) and buy the Dark Matter, which will make Dagger learn how to summon Odin. He can kill every enemy, including Grand Dragons and Mistodons, so… what the heck are you waiting for!!! go buy Odin!

Late to The Party:

You don’t have to make it to Memoria in under 12 hours to fight Hades. I didn’t make it to him for nearly sixty-five hours (Like any good gamer should) the first time I played and I still whipped his ass and got Pumice AND Tin Armor. The only thing that matters is fighting him immediately after you find him, otherwise, you can’t challenge him again.

Fight that Boss Monster:

First go to the Lifa Tree at the bottom of it comes a big monster give it an elixir and will die.

Quina’s Frog Drop Ability

Catch 80 or more frogs to acquire Quina’s ‘Frog Drop’ abilty which does 9999 damage!

GameShark Codes

Hit L2 To Refill All Of Your Parties HP (In Battle)

You must have each parties individual HP and MP in out of battle codes on for this to work.

















Hit L1 To Refill All Of Your Parties MP (In Battle)

You must have each parties individual HP and MP in out of battle codes on for this to work.

















Have All Items 5000ff020001 8008b7c46301 Max Gil 8008b7b0e0ff 8008b7b205f5 Steiner: Out of Battle Codes

In This Order: Infinite HP Infinite MP Max Level Max Stones
8008b44c1388 8008b4541388 8008b44e03e7 8008b45603e7 3008b4470063 3008b4530063 3008b45b0063 Dagger/Garnet: Out Of Battle Codes

In This Order: Infinite HP Infinte MP Max Level Max Stones








Elko: Out Of Battle Codes

In This Order: Infinite HP Infinite MP Max Level Max Stones








Amarant: Out Of Battle Codes:

In This Order: Infinite HP Infinite MP Max Level Max Stones








Quina: Out Of Battle Codes In This Order: Infinite HP Infinite MP Max Level Max Stones








Vivi: Out Of Battle Codes

In This Order: Infinite HP Infinite MP Max Level Max Stones








Freya: Out Of Battle Codes

In This Order: Infinite HP Infinite MP Max Level Max Stones
8008b4dc1388 8008b4e41388 8008b4e603e7 8008b4de03e7 3008b4d70063 3008b4e30063 3008b4eb0063 Zidane: Out Of Battle Codes

In This Order: Infinite HP Infinite MP Max Level Max Stones








Have All Cards 500064060001 3008324e0000 No Draws (Card Game)


Infinite HP Character one

D01044B8 0100

80108F24 270F

D01044B8 0100

80098668 270F

Infinite HP Character two

D01044B8 0100

80108FF4 270F

D01044B8 0100

80098B10 270F

Infinite HP Character three D01044B8 0100 801090C4 270F D01044B8 0100 80098FB8 270F Infinite HP Chracter four

D01044B8 0100

80109194 270F

D01044B8 0100

80099460 270F

999 Ap After battle d01f0c70 c320 801f0c84 03e7 801f0c70 c320 801f0c86 3403


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