Final Fantasy Tactics PS Cheats

How to get Cloud to join your party…

1. Go to the bar in Zeltennia Castle located in the Northeast part of

the map. Listen to the rumor of the Cursed Island, Nelveska. When you

get back to the World Map, you should see a path extend to the island to

the north. You won’t be able to enter it yet.

2. Go to Trade City Zarghidos and buy a flower from the girl (Aeris).

3. Go to Goug Machine City with Mustadio in your party. He and Basrodio

should discover a ball-shaped machine.

4. Go to the bar in Goland Coal City and listen to the Ghost of Colliery

rumor. There should be a reward posted.

5. Go to Lesalia Imperial Capital. When you talk with Beowulf, choose

the second answer and he should join your party along with his Holy


6. Go to Goland Coal City, which should now be an orange dot, and there

will be three battles you’ll have to face in the underground floors of

Colliery. Now, when the fourth battle begins, you will need to protect

the Holy Dragon. At the end of the battle, Band will join your party and

you should receive the Zodiac Stone from Beowulf.

7. Go back to Goug. When you enter the town, Basrodio and Mustadio

ll turn into a robot and join

your party.

8. Go to the Nelveska Temple. You’ll fight a robot and you’ll get

another Zodiac Stone and The Holy Dragon should transform into the


9. Go to Goug again and the strange machine should be working now with

the Zodiac Stone. Cloud will be summoned and he’ll take off for now.

10. Fight your brother Dycedarg and then the monster he transforms into,


11. Go back to Zarghidas Trade City. Your goal will be to protect Cloud,

who is unarmed, from the same gang that attacked Aeris. Cloud should

join your party after this victory.

12. Go to the active volcano at Bervenia and keep walking back and forth

until you get into a battle. In this battle, have someone with the Move

Item Find skill. Have that person climb the highest rock tower in the

battlefield. (Must possess a level 3 Jump or higher)You will receive the

Materia Blade. This will allow you to use Cloud’s Limit skill. And

you’ll be surprised to see that all of his limit breaks are from Final

Fantasy VII. *Note: Cloud will not be able to use his Limit skills if

you don’t find his sword and equip it.

Duplicate Weapons:

To do it you have to have two swords. You put the weapon you want to duplicate

on the bottom hand and a shield on the upper hand. Go to a city and enter a

shop. Pick fitting room and select the person who has the weapon you want to

duplicate. Pick ‘best fit’ and then select ‘quit fitting’ on the bottom hand.

This should duplicate the weapon and you have the weapon on both hands. But

you still have to pay for the weapon. If you duplicate the Excalibur you would

only have to pay 10 gil….

White Materia:

Here is how you can get the White materia:

1. Go to Dortor Trade City after finishing Chapter 1.

2. Defeat the hired thugs.

3. When you return to the map, select the city and go to the bar.

4. Choose ‘Proposition’, and one will mention the “Highwind”.

5. Pay the amount needed for information, put 3 men into the group,

select the maximum days allowed and select OK.

6. Return to Dortor Trade City after the selected amount of days and go

to the bar.

7. Go to ‘Report Job’. This will give you a report of what happened

during the job.

8. If done right, they will say they found a large treasure chest. When

they reply what is inside, you will see the White Materia.

The White Materia increases everyone’s attributes except for HP and MP (and

no, you cannot call on Holy). You do not need Cloud in your group to do this.

Red Materia Code:

Go to the Dorter trade city after chapter 4 and pick bar. Then pick proposition.

It will mention a gold mining job – take it with the max amount of days. When

you return your men will report a metal object found that you can identify as

RED MATERIA. (Note: you must be a level 5 treasure hunter to use it)

This is more of a glitch than a cheat. Any time in a battle when there is a

lone chemist, make sure all enemies are K.Oed and there are no guests in your

party. Surrond the chemist and hit him until he gets in near fatal. Then s/he

will use a potion, and keep doing this because it seems that they don’t run

out. I used this in the 1st fight at magic city and I got every one at level

7+. Takes a while though.

Different Endings:

At the end of the fight against St. Ajorah (the final 2 bosses) try the following

for a slightly different ending:

-When T.G. Cid asks to join your group, don’t let him. Olan says something different

in the end.

-Try finishing the game without all of the Holy Stones (Note: you will not be

able to get Cloud or Worker 8 in your party if you do.)

Easy Level Up:

To do this code, first learn chakra with Ramza and have a wizard/Priest learn

protect. Now, get in a battle and kill all but 1 guy. Reduce his hp to 10 or

lower. He should leave you alone. Now, find 5squares in the same elevation in

the shape of a +. Put Ramza in the middle, and surround him with your other

4 characters. Have your Wizard/Priest cast protect the whole time on Ramza and

have the other 3 guys attack Ramza. When it is Ramza’s turn, use Chakra to heal

the damage done. Why do this? If you notice, every hit gains you Exp and Jp.

You can keep a battle going however long you want it to and gain loads of Exp

and JP. Repeat as you desire.

For Ramza Only:

If you notice when you look in Ramza’s “guts” category the word “yell”

is in there. Well this is a beauty when you need better jobs. Just obtain it in

any way you can. Then take the team into a fight (usually not a important fight)

have your characters kill all but one and make him run by taking his points to

about 5%. Then just sit back and yell at Ramza over and over until you feel he

is high enough. After a few minutes he will have gained about 1000 job points

and at least 3 or 4 levels in both your job and character level.( Cheer up Will

wrk the same but when you use yell, amza’s speed gets so high his count time is

almost never down.So he goes about 3-10 times befor any one else. Yell is getter

to do)

All Characters at Once:

First make it so all your characters have “throw stone” and ” Gained JP Up” Then

go out and find a Chocobo and trap him in a “+” shape then put one guy “Katty

corner” or diagnally away from the chocobo. Now just hit away and try not to kill

him until you want too. This gives you bolth Job points and Experience. (notice:

not all chocobos do this { try To get yellow ones})

Any Character:

#1 All you have to do for this is get a Bard or Dancer (depending on which sex

the character is) then learn “life song” with the bard or the dance with the dancer

that helps each character in a random way( I cant think of its name at this exact

moment) Just sing or dance away.

#2 you can also use the “Accumulate” skill in the Squire job to gain job points

and a little experience each time. Just buy the skill and go fight, Then in the


Job Classes and Requirements:
Single Class Jobs
Squire:      No Requirements
Chemist:     No Requirements
Knight:      Lv.2 Squire
Archer:      Lv.2 Squire
Monk:        Lv.2 Knight
Preist:      Lv.2 Chemist
Wizard:      Lv.2 Chemist
Time Mage:   Lv.2 Wizard
Summoner:    Lv.2 Time Mage
Theif:       Lv.2 Archer
Oracle:      Lv.2 Preist
Mediator:    Lv.2 Oracle
Geomancer:   Lv.3 Monk
Lancer:      Lv.3 Theif

Multi-Class Jobs
Samurai:     Lv.3 Knight, Lv.4 Monk, Lv.2 Lancer
Ninja:       Lv.3 Archer, Lv.4 Theif, Lv.2 Geomancer
Calculator:  Lv.4 Priest, Lv.4 Wizard, Lv.3 Time Mage, Lv.3 Oracle
Dancer:      Lv.4 Geomancer, Lv.4 Lancer(Women Only)
Bard:        Lv.4 Summoner, Lv.4 Mediator(Men Only)
Mime:        Lv.8 Squire, Lv.8 Chemist, Lv.4 Summoner, Lv. 4 Mediator, Lv.4 Geomancer, Lv.4 Lancer

Game Shark Codes

CT Full Character 1801924fc 0064
CT Full Character 2801926bc 0064
CT Full Character 38019287c 0064
CT Full Character 480192a3c 0064
CT Full Character 580192bfc 0064
Infinite Cash800577ce 0fff
Infinite HP Character 1801924f4 03e7
Infinite HP Character 1801924f6 03e7
Infinite HP Character 2801926b4 03e7
Infinite HP Character 2801926b6 03e7
Infinite HP Character 380192874 03e7
Infinite HP Character 380192876 03e7
Infinite HP Character 480192a34 03e7
Infinite HP Character 480192a36 03e7
Infinite HP Character 580192bf4 03e7
Infinite HP Character 580192bf6 03e7
Infinite MP Character 1801924f8 03e7
Infinite MP Character 1801924fa 03e7
Infinite MP Character 2801926b8 03e7
Infinite MP Character 2801926ba 03e7
Infinite MP Character 380192878 03e7
Infinite MP Character 38019287a 03e7
Infinite MP Character 480192a38 03e7
Infinite MP Character 480192a3a 03e7
Infinite MP Character 580192bf8 03e7
Infinite MP Character 580192bfa 03e7
Job Points Never Go Downd004760c0001
Quick level up in battle Char.1801924ec 63ff
Quick level up in battle Char.2801926ac 63ff
Quick level up in battle Char.38019286c 63ff
Quick level up in battle Char.480192a2c 63ff
Quick level up in battle Char.580192bec 63ff

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