Future Cop L.A.P.D.,Future Cop: LAPD PS Cheats

Enter the following passwords:


All Levels Completed:

Enter the password DYPYFASRHR

Grenade Launcher, the Robo Dog and the Riot Shield:

Enter the password SYCRGOBYLI

For the following codes, pause the game and highlight ‘Sound FX.’ Enter the

code, select quit and ‘yes.’

Machine gun ammo: Square, Circle, Select, X, Select, X, Circle, Square

Machine gun power-up: Circle(x3), X(x3), Circle, Select

Black and white graphics:Square, Select, Circle, X(x2), Circle, Select, Square

Shield Power-up: Square, Select, Circle, X

200 bonus points in 
precinct assault: Circle, Square, Circle, X, Select, Square, X

Super Heavy Weapons Square(x3), Circle, X, Circle, X

Super Special WeaponsSquare, Circle, Square, Select, Circle, X, Square, Circle

Super JumpCircle(x4), Square, X, Select, Square, X, Select, Circle

How to find three secret weapons in the game:

Acquire them, beat the level,

and they will be added to your permanent inventory.

Grenade Launcher – Choose Zuma Beach as your level or mission. Get

off the highway and make your way to the area where you switch to the crowd

control camera. In this area you must blow up the two flamingos on top of the

hotels outside of the main gate. Then, make your way through the level until

you reach the mini-boss (the guy that you will fight just before the boss).

After you beat him, a big hole will form in the ground from the explosion. Jump

into that and destroy each of the tanks until you find one that has a power

up station in it. Go to that and you will get the grenade launcher.

K9 Robo Dog – Choose Venice Beach as your level or mission. Open up

the main channel gate at the beginning of the level (where you start out). Go

along the channel that you now have access to and eventually you should see

three barrels to the east. Go to the west side and turn into the Hover Car.

Zoom out into the open and you’ll eventually run into the Robo Dog weapon.

Riot Shield Gun – Choose Studio City as your level or mission. Destroy

the four control towers, then hit the switch behind the laser gate. Walk over

and destroy the first mutant soccer champ billboard. Now, backtrack to the mushroom

area. Turn south, then head east. Along the side of the easternmost building

awaits the Riot Shield.

GameShark Codes

Unlock All Zones    8009F882 0050  

Infinite Armor      800582702400
Infinite Ammo       8006bc782400
Red Team 999 Points801fbf6003e7
in Precinct Assault
Red Team 0 Points   801fbf600000
in Precinct Assault

Blue Team 999 Points 801fbf6403e7
in Precinct Assault

Blue Team 0 Points   801fbf640000
in Precinct Assault

All Weapons        8009c0b20004

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