NFL Gameday 2000 PS Cheats

Enter the following at the Easter Egg menu:

BASKETBALL   Some player last nams are changed to Abdul-Jabber

Defenders hit harder DAVIS Running backs are better EVEN TEAMS All players equal FLEA CIRCUS Tiny players GD CHALLENGE Extra difficulty level GLOVES Receivers always catch GOLIATH Big players HANGTIME Higher punts HOME COOKING No Home Team penalties JUICE Super speed burst PENCILS Tall, skinny players PISTON Super stiff arm SLIDE SHOW See Cheerleaders after game STAMINA Players don't tire STEEL LEG Long field goals



Duplicate Players:

When in GM Mode, release any player you want to duplicate. Then go to the free

agent pool and sign the QB’s with an overall of zero. Then sign the player you

released. All of the players that you signed that were QB’s with an overall

of zero will become the real player that you previously signed. Now you can

get five, ten, or even 20 Randy Moss’s.

Sweet Runningback:-

First, start a season and turn off the salary cap. Create a SuperStar and make

his position halfback and his height and weight as small as they can be. In

a game, he will out speed everyone and if you make him do the spin move the

entire run, he will juke everyone (use him in the I Formation and the right

side sweep).

GameShark Codes

P1 - First Down (Press L1)  d00fcf800004 

P1 - Fourth Down (Press L2) d00fcf800001 

P2 - First Down (Press L1)  d00fcf900004 

P2 - Fourth Down (Press L2) d00fcf900001 
Home Team Scores 0          800fced40000 

Home Team Scores 99         800fced40063 

Away Team Scores 0          800fced80000 

Away Team Scores 99         800fced80063 


Thanks to Revolution readers Winston, Michael Wells, Clint Broshous, Jason,

Wesley Gabbard, Mr. Kool, John James, Scott Adams and Marcus!