Gex PS Cheats

To access the following codes - pause the game, press and hold R1, and enter the following...

99 Lives:

Up, Circle, Triangle, Down, Right, Square, Down

Ice Breath:

Circle, Circle, Left, Down, Circle, Up, Right

Electric Spit:

Right, Left, Right, Circle, Triangle, Right, Circle, Down, Right

Flame Breath:

X, Up, Right, Up, Right, Right


X, Square, Down, Down, Up, Down, Right

Super Jump:

X, Circle, Up, Up, Down, Right, Right


SVZFKHGP - Cemetary Level 2

BXRFYHGP - Cemetary Level 3

ZVTCYHGP - Cemetary Level 4

KXVKRHKP - Jungle level 1

CVHCSHKP - Jungle Level 2

SVKLPHKP - Jungle Level 3

CVBLPHKP - Jungle Level 4

RVTCSHGP - Toonville Level 1

XVVBRHKP - Toonville Level 2

YTCHPHKP - Kung Fu Land Level 1

ZTDHPHKP - Kung Fu Land Level 2

DXVGRGKP - Kung Fu Land Level 3

GYVYRHKP - Rezopolis

Game Shark Codes

Invincibility - 80097B1C 0003

Infinite Lives - 80097B2C 0064

Thanks to Revolution reader Adam Russell!