Grind Session PS Cheats

Grind Session


Unlock All Levels:

Press Down, Left, Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Right while the game is paused.

Unlock All Tricks:

Press Down, Left, Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, Left while the game is paused.

Level Select:

Press Circle, Up, Down, Square, Triangle while game is paused..

Huntington Level:

To unlock the 8th level, go to the big gray ramp with a blue streak on

the bottom in front of a wall. Go off the ramp, and do an air trick. If

you hit the wall in the middle of the trick, you will land it perfectly

and get full points.

Play as Master Ao:

Get all the photos, coins and keys in both wings of the dream house with

any skater. Master Ao is the ultimate skater with full balance, vert,

and street meters plus every single trick


The Dream House:

When you have opened the final skate area (Huntington) then place third

or better in the competion to recieve a dream house in which wings of

the mansion can be unlocked by completing tasks from the courses (high

scoring, hitting certain objects etc.).

Secret Character:

If you beat the photo shoot at Hunington with any of the regular characters

then you will receive a special character.


After you gain the all the points for a photo shoot, you will see different

pictures, like the drawings for the NYC area, and others.

GameShark Codes

Mod Chip Protection Off   80013fc21000

All Tech Lines-NYC        8009f6d8000a
All Tech Lines-San Fran   8009f6dc000a
All Tech Lines-Burnside   8009f6e0000a
All Tech Lines-Atlanta    8009f6e8000a
All Tech Lines-London     8009f6ec000a
All Tech Lines-Detroit    8009f6f0000a
1st Place-Slam City       8009f6240001
1st Place-Huntington      8009f6340001
Max Score - All Levels    800a3f3a0001
All Items Hit-Detroit     8009f6b0000a
All Trick Points-NYC      8009f6182710
All Trick Points-San Fran 8009f61c2710
All Trick Points-Burnside 8009f6202ee0
All Trick Points-Atlanta  8009f6284e20
All Trick Points-London   8009f62c7530
All Trick Points-Detroit  8009f6309c40
All Pro Points-NYC        8009f6584e20
All Pro Points-San Fran   8009f65c7530
All Pro Points-Burnside   8009f6609c40
All Pro Points-Atlanta    8009f668ea60
All Pro Points-London     8009f66c1170
All Pro Points-Detroit    8009f6703880
All Items Hit-NYC         8009f698000a
All Items Hit-San Fran    8009f69c000a
All Items Hit-Burnside    8009f6a0000a
All Items Hit-Atlanta     8009f6a8000a
All Items Hit-London      8009f6ac000a


Special thanks to Revolution reader The Grinder, Chris Roberson, Brad Smith,

Joshua Lapchuk, Sami Siltanen and tom chamberlain!