Harry Potter & The Sorceror’s Stone PS Cheats

Harry Potter & The Sorceror's Stone


Alternate Ending:

When you have beaten the game the credits will start, and run for several minutes. When the credits are finished you will told who truly has won the Hogwart's House Cup and if you have collected all 17 Famous Witchs and Wizards cards the game will give you a different ending.

Control Main Menu:

At the main menu, press Triangle to cause a lightning strike.

Climbing Bookshelves:

If you approach a bookshelf and find that you cannot climb it, press Square on a piece of a wall that is different or lighter color.

Bertie Bott's Beans:

Collect the following amount of "Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans" to unlock an item behind a portrait at Hogwarts:

50 Yellow Beans: Nimbus Two Thousand

70 Blue Beans : Quidditch Armour

80 Green Beans: Famous Witches And Wizards Card

100 Red Beans: Advanced Flipendo Knockback Jinx

Unlimited Points:

When you enter the flying lesson,you will receive 5 house points every level of flying. So after you go out,go back to get more house points and you'll surely win the housecup.

The Giant Chessboard:

When you come to the giant chessboards near the end where you have to get the pieces to kill each other to win, do this.

First Board (the one with green fire):

Start on the right square: go up, diagonal up-left, diagonal down-right, diagonal down-left. Second board (the one with blue fire): start on left square: go up, diagonal down-right, left. Third Board(the one with red fire): start on left: go left, diagonal up-left, diagonal up-left, right, diagonal down-right.

Secret Stuff:

After you meet the Weasley twins, look at the bookcase to their left. Hit the square button to a secret Famous Witches and Wizard card.

Devil's Snare:

First hit the tentacle that turns light green (quickly) until all of them (except the middle) are gone. Second, run around on the green part of the floor and do not get hit. After the middle tentacle misses you, hit it with a charged Flipendo.

Defeating the Last Troll:

Run as fast as you can until you get to an object that can be used with Wingardium Leviosa. Then, use the Charm, move it to the side, and let it drop. When it gets to the bottom, press Triangle. Keep doing this until all of the objects are on the side and you should see a hole. Jump over the hole and wait until the Troll falls in. Then, go to the door.

Get a Card by Exchanging with a Kitten:

When you explore Hogwarts, you will meet a student that has problems with his kitten which has fallen to some kind of well. When you go to the Potions class, you will be taught to mix potions but afterwards the mysterious Proffesor Severus Snape will tell you to do something else (not included in the lesson of potions). When you enter the door, Lord Voldemort will destroy the floor your standing that will cause you to fall to an underground area. That place is the well I'm talking about. If you enter the door, the student above will request to help him find his kitten so turn left. There you'll find many boxes. Destroy it and if you see a rat kill it but if it is the kitten, let it follow you to the student. When you approach the student, you will see a light above the kitten which means that you have to use a spell on it. Use "Wingardium Leviosa" to levitate the kitten and return it to its master. Then the student will give you one of the famous Witches and Wizards cards for giving him back his kitten.

The Often Missed Card:

When you are detentioned in the Forbidden Forest, you'll see three turtles but in the third turtle, there are two ways .But follow the turtles path and kill it and get one of the famous "Witches and Wizards Cards" because if you climbed the cliff, you will see Lord Voldemort with the Unicorn and you have no other chances for getting that rare card.

More Secret Stuff:

Any bookshelf that is only coming halfway out of the wall (or much thinner than usual), walk up to it and press Square to get stuff like bean and famous witches and wizards cards.(There are many of these bookshelves in the dungeons)

Best Way to Beat the Big Plant:

Find the light-green branch and do a loaded Flipendo on it. Now find the next. Do the same. Keep repeating this until there are no branches left. Now you will have to fight the middle branch. Run around it doing normal Flipendo's. At last you will have to do a Incendio. If that is done, you have won!

Get the Broom Closet Open:

To get the broom closet open, win quiditch cup and save.

Blackfire Walk:

After you beat the troll in the forbidden corridor and go through the door that Hermoine uses Alohomora on, there will be three ( large ) cups. The middle one contains the ice potion. They start to move around and watch the middle cup closely. When it stops use your knockback jinx to hit the cup. Then a different Knight will appear. This one is harder to destroy than the others so wait until the knight spreads it's arms then use your knockback jinx to destroy it. Drink the potion and walk through the black fire.

Beat Lord Voldemort:

When you get to the 3rd part of him keep pressing X really fast or you'll die. On the 2nd part he'll fire the spell known as Avada Kavdra and it will hurt you really badly so when he does it jump out of the way.

How to Get into the Dark Magic Street in Diagon Alley:

If you have the advanced flippendo use it on the women standing gaurd she will move and you are free to go in and learn dark magic spells that will make the game easier.

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