Hydro Thunder PS Cheats

Extra Boosters:

On the Lost Island, jump through flaming volcano to get an extra 9 second


Faster Start:

On any level when the count down begins DON’T press gas. When it says “one”

or “GO” then press start. If done correctly you will get a super fast

start and it will say “SUPER START”.

Lost Island Shortcuts

-Through the first waterfall right before the 1st checkpoint.

-After racing through the huts with flying spears coming out of the huts,turn

to the left and do a Hydro Jump by the rock. Go towards the rock and there will

be a shortcut through the mountain.

Arctic Circle Shortcuts:

-Just before the 1st checkpoint, race up the ramp between the 2 houses.

-After exiting the 1st tunnel,between the 2 arrows. Hydro Jump into the hole through

the mountain.

-Enter the ship on the left side of the track,near the end of the race.

Greek Isles Shortcut:

-At the first waterfall located on the left side of the track.

GameShark Codes

Always Place 1st             8009dd580001  
Unlock All Tracks And Boats  800a223c0000  

Thanks to Revolution readers “LOUV’S”, Kenny and Alex Leonard!