Rainbow Six Siege 1.63 Update Patch Notes | Operation Burnt Horizon update for PS4, Xbox One, and PC

The Rainbow Six Siege 1.63 update is live and, boy, is it a doozy. Not only does it mark the start of Year 4, but it also brings about a whole host of changes with Operation Burnt Horizon launching. So, what’s in the new Rainbow Six Siege update for Xbox One, PS4, and PC? Honestly? A whole lot: there’s two new Operators, a new map, plus the traditional fare of bug fixes and other changes. It’s all in the Rainbow Six Siege 1.63 update patch notes below.

Rainbow Six Siege 1.63 Update

rainbow six siege 1.63 update

New Operators

As ever, you get some new Operators to play with. See, I told you the Rainbow Six 1.63 update was a doozy. Both hailing from Australia, Operation Burnt Horizon includes two Operators: Gridlock and Mozzie.

Gridlock is more of an attack-minded Operator, and comes equipped with an F90, M249, Breach Charge, Smoke Grenade, Super Shorty and a SDP 9mm pistol. She’s got loads of armor but is lacking when it comes to speed. Her unique ability is Trax Stingers, spikes that can be put in place to halt vehicles, as well as boxing in (and hurting) enemy combatants.

Mozzie, meanwhile has a unique ability, Pest Launcher, that, when used, can override and disrupt enemy drones. But that’s not all they’re packing: Mozzie’s weapons include a P10 RONI, Commando 9, Super Shorty, a SDP 9mm pistol, plus Barbed Wire and a Nitro Cell.

New map

The 21st map in the game, Outback is based in the Australian outback (who’d have guessed it?) and is divided into three distinct sections: Garage, Motel, and Restaurant.

Newcomer playlist

We’re not all Operator vets, unfortunately. Some might want to dip their toe in the water from time to time or leap onto the R6 bandwagon. For those peeps, there’s a Newcomer playlist, designed to entice casual players to play (and learn) Rainbow Six Siege at their own pace.

New gear and weapon skins

We’ve got to have some new goodies, haven’t we? An Elite Hibana set gifts fans of the Operator with a new skin, animator, Operator card, and so much more. There’s even some Aussie-themed weapon skins to get excited about: Crocodylus, Board Cove, and Ocean’s Teeth.

Rainbow Six Siege 1.63 Update Patch Notes

rainbow six siege 1.63 update

New Operators:

Joining Operation Burnt Horizon are two Aussies, Gridlock and Mozzie.

When the Season launches, Season Pass owners can unlock these new Operators immediately and gain exclusive access for seven days. All players can unlock these Operators with Renown or R6 Credits once those seven days have passed.

New Map: Outback:

Welcome to the Outback! This map kicks dust in your eyes in its homage to all the lonely service stations and motels along the forgotten highways that cross Australia’s desert. Fan favourites Oregon and Clubhouse were the inspiration when designing the 21st map of the game.

The map is divided into three distinct sections – the Garage, the Motel, and the Restaurant – with much effort put into ensuring each section is recognisable, even from a distance.

The focus returns to a style of gameplay that players have enjoyed in the past. There’s only one door between each of the sections but roamers can create new paths by destroying walls, and there’s always the option of changing floors as a flanking strategy. It’s a medium-sized map, so players won’t need to go far to find alternative routes. Packed with twists, turns, and Australiana, Outback is filled with unexpected corners and souvenirs from the Great Southern Land.

Newcomer Playlist:

First off, we are releasing a new multiplayer playlist for players under level 50, called the Newcomer playlist, to help them learn the basics of Rainbow Six Siege. They will play the Bomb mode of classic maps most representative of the game’s core gameplay, namely Chalet, Bank, and Consulate. Attackers will vote for a team spawn point while on the Defenders’ side, the bomb sites will be automatically pre-selected by the game.

The Casual playlist will now improve the flow between the Newcomer and Ranked playlists. There are three key updates. First, the Defenders will know which bomb sites are selected before choosing their Operator. Second, the Attackers will now choose their individual spawn points. Third, the Action phase now lasts 3:30, allowing for an intermediary step between Newcomer and Ranked.

Finally, in order to stabilise the Ranked gameplay experience, the required minimum level has been raised to 30. This is meant to encourage beginners to take their time and learn the game before engaging in Ranked play.

Hibana Elite Set:

We are sharing the teachings of the Japanese martial art Kyudo with this elite set. Operator Hibana knows better than most that learning a martial art takes a lifetime to master. Embodying precision and beauty, Elite Hibana proudly wears the Onkochishin uniform, along with the following: Victory animation, operator card, gadget skin for X-Kairos, and weapon skin for the Type-89, SUPERNOVA, P229 and BEARING-9. She’ll also have the Elite Hibana Chibi charm.

New weapon skins:

Operation Burnt Horizon features a series of iconic themes of the land Down Under. From traditional aesthetics to sand, sea and surf, these skins evoke the fun and wild atmosphere of Australia.

This seasons weapon skins include the scaly freshwater Crocodylus, dangerous Ocean’s Teeth and finally hit the surf with Board Cove.

Operator balances:


  • Removed ACOG from R4-C


  • Reducing Gu Mine damage per tick from 8 to 4


  • Increase swap time between SURI Torch and weapons


  • After 18 seconds, phone calls from Dokkaebi will hang up on their own
  • Being in range of Mute jammers will prevent Dokkaebi from calling you
  • Walking into range of Mute jammers will hang up phone calls during the call


  • Increasing area of effect size
  • Reducing damage per tick from 19 to 12


  • Removing Muzzle Brake on Machine Pistol

Bug fixes:


  • Fixed – Bulletproof cameras can no longer be deployed underneath a Welcome Mat to make it impervious to bullets.
  • Fixed – Bulletproof camera is not destroyed if it is placed underneath electrified barbed wire.
  • Fixed – Drone destruction sound effects can be heard clearly through floors.
  • Fixed – Ambient sound is louder than intended.
  • Fixed – The swapping animation from a gun to a primary gadget can be skipped.
  • Fixed – ACOG on the M249 does not accurately show where bullets will land.
  • Fixed – Spamming the crouch button will lead to cases where the 1st person view is granted before the model is visible from another point of view.
  • Fixed – Frag grenades do not always destroy a barricade near it.
  • Fixed – Nitro cell damage was not reliable when placed on certain objects across all maps.


  • Fixed – Guard break animation is not present in kill cam replays if the shield Operator is in motion.
  • Fixed – Shield Operators crouching and leaning clip through their shield and can be damaged through it.
  • Fixed – Legs of all shielded operators are clipping through the ballistic shield while in prone.
  • Fixed – Sometimes Guard Break is cancelled when a player shoots the shield and melee’s at the same time.
  • Fixed – The guard break animation displays incorrect behaviour when the shield Operator leans to the side.
  • Fixed – The kill cam does not show the meleed stance for shield Operators.
  • Fixed – Silent Step’s lowered stance is not replicated in first person.
  • Fixed – Attackers are immune to Luison’s damage for a few seconds if Caveira cancels the interrogation and shoots that attacker.
  • Fixed – Audio cue for Airjab detonation does not always play properly.
  • Fixed – No sound when Nomad’s Airjab becomes active.
  • Fixed – When deploying in player’s blind spot, Cluster Charges will have a delayed explosion effect.
  • Fixed – Yokai’s attack lowers FPS when the Operator is near the effect.
  • Fixed – When using advanced deployment, camera position returns to default for Yokai drones after following specific steps.
  • Fixed – The X-KAIROS pellets positioning is unreliable.
  • Fixed – Capitao’s asphyxiating bolts can go through Mira’s Black Mirror and kill Operators on the other side.


  • Fixed – Explosion sounds are muffled in 2F Security Room when listening from 2F Armory Lockers.
  • Fixed – Spamming crouch allow a player to vault through the floor.
  • Fixed – Drones can clip through a wall to provide an advantage to Attackers.
  • Fixed – Players can use a ledge outside to get inside the courtyard.
  • Fixed – The Defuser will remain stuck if dropped in the bush on the corner of the EXT Cafe Terrace with 2F Cafe.


  • Fixed – Appearance for various objects while using the caster camera.


  • Fixed – 2-0x0000C004 Session_Not_Found Error when accepting squad invite.
  • Fixed – Player receives friendly fire message when using Evil Eye to shoot another Evil Eye.
  • Fixed – Elite Mute – SMG-11 is missing Mute Elite’s Royal Fusiliers
  • Fixed – Missing promote/demote animation in the result screen at the end of Ranked matches.
  • Fixed – MMR points appear as if added from zero at the end of a Ranked match.