Independence Day PS Cheats

Go to the ‘Name Your Character’ screen and enter one of these codes:

MR HAPPY - All jets
FOX ROX - Level Select
LIVE FREE - Invincible
GODZILLA - Kill wingman and civillians 
GREG FM - All cheats activated

- All cheats activated GO POSTAL - Shoot faster, one hit kills, Infinite Missles TOURIST - Removes all Aliens, Activates Demo Camera, and No Time Limit

After entering one of these codes, go to the main menu and enter Left,

Right, Square, Circle, Triangle, Triangle, Down
to get the cheat menu.


In the Options menu, select the Normal Difficulty

level without a memory card in the slot and Load game.

Now enter any one of the following codes:

  • For Washington: DBKMO
  • For New York: GBKMX
  • For Paris: LLSMX
  • For Moscow: NL9MX
  • For Tokyo: R39NF
  • For Oahu: T59MX
  • For Las Vegas: Z99MZ
  • For Mothership: 399MH

Thanks to Revolution readers Mark Newcomb, Sammy ” Seal ” Stickler, Angelboy,

Jeff, Kevin Canup and Matt Brown!