International Superstar Soccer Pro Evolution 2 PS Cheats

International Superstar Soccer Pro Evolution 2




Hold L1 and press the following to do a move:

1-2 Pass:

Press X.

Volley over goal keeper (Use when keeper is good distance away from his goal)

Press Square.

High Pass to Player In Front of You:

Press Triangle.

Plays a 1-2, But the 1st Pass is on the Ground while the Second is High:

Press Circle.

Do a Fake:

Press the square button followed directly by the X button to do a fake shot.

*Note: Buttons are according to default key config.

**Note: Since this is a translation of the Japanese game, those moves will work just as well with Winning Eleven 2000 (The Japanese game).

Another tip, beat International Cup mode to unlock World All Stars and Europe All Stars.

One more thing for fun, the game wasn't very well translated and you'll find some spelling mistakes, for example, when you get qualified to Master League's division 2, it will say that you are qualified to dividion 2.. XD