Jackie Chan: Stuntmaster PS Cheats

Unlimited Amount of Lives:

When you get a free life on a level press Start and go to Exit Level. Then after

you exit you will still have that free life. Go back to the level and get the

free life again. Just keep reapeating the process until you get the amount of

lives you want. (this works best on levels like one of the sewer levels where

you can get the free life in the very beginning).

All Dragons:

At the screen were it says “Press Start” press L1, R2, L2, Square, X, X. It

will make a sound to confirm.

All Levels:

At the screen were it says “Press Start Button” press L2, Square, Traingle,

Circle, X, R2, R2. A sound effect will confirm .

Movie Theater:

Get 20 gold dragons to unlock the Jackie Chan movie theater or… At the Sreen

were it says “Press Start Button” press Left, Right, R1, Circle, Square, Traingle,

Traingle. Now at the bottom of the screen it will now say “Bonus Movie Press


GameShark Codes

Infinite Health    80128fb400c8  
Extra Red Dragons  d00e72300000 


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