Jersey Devil PS Cheats

Unlimited Lives:

In the beginning of the game, get the extra life on top of the fountain. Then,

pause the game and check your status. Unpause the game and there will be another

extra life on top of the fountain. Keep on doing this for unlimited extra lives!

99 Lives:

At any point during gameplay press Triangle, X, Traingle, Square, Square, Circle.

Do not pause gameplay. If done correctly you should end up with 99 lives.

Secret Levels:

” Go outside the big museum level to the big statue. Walk behind it and it says

“02P” that means when you get your power level at 02 push the statue and you should

fall into the secret level.

” Get to the tree level in the park. When you get to the slide on the floor there

will be a “P08” sign your as to be at 8 for this to work, and just jump on it

” In the graveyard level go to the water and jump on the platform. When you get

across there’s a block with “P05” just push it and in the cave you go.

” In the factory level, go straight when you get in the level. There is a pipe

with “P07” on it. Hit it and go in.

” In the sea port level and go to the lifeboat and when the lifeboat goes down

turn the camera towards the wall and on the wall is “P09”, Whip it and you’re


GameShark Codes

Infinite Health & Nitro Boxes800100446348
Infinite Pumpkins800100400063

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