Jet Moto 3 PS Cheats

Secret Rider:

To access the secret rider Granny, you must beat the Novice, Semi-pro, and Professional

seasons in 1st place.

Higher speed:

During play, press L1 + Right, R1 + Down, Square, L1 + Triangle, R1 + Down,

L1 + Left, Select.

Television camera:

During play, press Circle, L1 + Triangle, L1 + X, Triangle, R1 + Up to access

the extra view.

Freestyle Area:

After you beat the Novice Season, a really cool Freestyle area will be available.

Go there and try to get the golden coin for 100,000 points. It’s hard.

GameShark Codes

Infinite Turbo P1  800ccf1a0168  

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