King of Fighters ’98 PS Cheats

Extra characters:

At the character select screen, press L1 while selecting the following fighters:

Kyo KusanagiKyo Kusanagi version '95
Terry BogardTerry Bogard version Real Bout 2 
Andy BogardAndy Bogard version Real Bout 2
Joe HigashiJoe Higashi version '94
Ryo SakasakiRyo Sakasaki version '94
Robert GarciaRobert Garcia version '94
Yuri SakazakiYuri Sakasaki version '94
Mai ShiranuiMai Shiranui version Real Bout 2
Yashiro NanakaseEvil Yashiro Nanakase
ShermieEvil Shermie
CrisEvil Cris
Billy KaneBilly Kane version Real Bout 2
Rugal BernsteinEvil Rugal Bernstein 

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