Knockout Kings 2000 PS Cheats

Bonus fighters:

Enter the following names in Career Mode. These can all be saved to your memory

card for use in Career or Exhibition modes.

Ed Mahone
Jermaine Dupri 
Mark Ecko 
Marlon Wayans 
Q Tip 
Tim Duncan
Roswell (Alien)
Shmacko (Clown) 

Fight as Mills Lane:

Watch the “cyber athlete” video in the Options menu. Now start a fight in Exhibition

mode and get disqualified from the match. Mills Lane will now be selectable

as a middleweight.

Miniature boxers:

Watch the “cyber athlete” video in the Options menu. Then, start Career mode

and enter MINIME as a name. To return to normal size, enter RESETPASS

as a name in career mode.

Throbbing boxer heads:

In Career mode, enter the name THROB.

Illegal Kick in the Unmentionables:

During the fight if you push all four main buttons (triangle, square, circle

and x) at the same time, your fighter will kick the other fighter right in the…err

(well, think about it). You get an automatic point deduction for doing it, by

the way.


Super Punch:

Press A + B + R and the direction to punch while the glove in the upper corner

is flasing.

Super Heavyweight:

Go to Create mode. Create a Heavyweight and set his wieght to 230. Push X to

go to the next screen. Change his body type from “1” to “2”. Now go back to

the first screen. You are now able to change his weight from 230 to 280.

GameShark Codes

Infinite Health P1   8001dabc082b 
Infinite Health P2   8001dabc082b 
Infinite Stamina P1  8002184c1000 
Infinite Stamina P2  8002184c1000 

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