Legend of Legaia PS Cheats

Point Card:

After you have revived the Genesis Tree in Rim Elm and are leaving the village

(right after Mei gives you the hunting clothes), come back into the village

and go into the shop. Then go upstairs and in the back room there will be a

bed table with a drawer. Open the drawer and you will get the point card. The

point card allows you to gain credit points on items and weapons you buy, which

you can use to get free items. It can be used in battle to do damage equal to

the number of points on the card (the points are returned after). If the number

is over 9999, it will do this much damage and you can use it again as long as

you have points.

(Ie. turn 1= 9999, turn 2= 9999, turn 3=2437; you used 22435 points over 3

turns to do 22435 damage.)

Easy Points with Point Card:

Go to the nearest shop and buy as much of an item as you can then sell it. it

takes money,but it works.


Go to Rim Elm, and go to the most southern tree in the village. Press X to inspect

the tree, and you will find a hidden boss consisting of bees. When you beat

them all, your prize will be honey. Honey raises all of one character’s stats

by 4.

Special spells:

  • Meta, Terra, & Ozma:

    Note: To obtain the magic, you must have all 15 moves on your Arts List (all

    normal, hyper and miracle arts). After defeating Songi in the Seru-Kai, go

    to the Genesis Tree where you recieved your Ra-Seru. For Vahn, you’ll have

    to go to the Genesis Tree in Sol. For Noa, go to the tree at the summit of

    Mr. Rikuroa. For Gala, go to the East Voz tree. Then go up and touch the tree.

    You are then given the magic for that character. Your Ra-Seru is also leveled-up

    again. These spells cost 240 MP.
  • Juggernaut:

    Talk to Saryu at Ratayu after you beat him as a Sim-Seru. Once you are done

    talking to him about his mistakes and how sorry he is about killing many young

    girls, talk to him again. He gives you the key to the room where Juggernaut

    was. Go unlock the room and run to the control panel. There should be a treasure

    chest there. In it is the Evil Talisman. The talisman lowers the chance of

    getting into fights and give the one who is equiped with the talisman the

    Evil Seru Magic.
  • Horn:

    After reviving the Genesis Trees in Buma, Noa will take a music sheet from

    Cara. Take it to the bar in Sol and have the piano player play it. Grantes

    will go back to Buma to see Cara. Head back to Buma and talk to Cara. She’ll

    give you the Light Egg. Take the Light Egg to Zalan in Jeremi. He’ll remake

    it into the Light Talisman. Equip the talisman to perform the healing magic

    of Horn. This spell costs 200 MP.
  • Jedo:

    After defeating Songi in the Seru-Kai, head to the dead Genesis Tree in the

    West Voz Forest. There is now a chest there. In the chest is the Dark Stone.

    Take it to Zalan and he’ll remake it into the Dark Talisman. Equip it to perform

    this dark Ra-Seru spell. This spell costs 200 MP.
  • Palma:

    Go to the Muscle Dome in Sol. You must trade in 100,000 coins to get the Earth

    Egg. If you don’t have 100,000 coins, this prize won’t show up. Take the egg

    to Zalan and get the Earth Talisman back. Equip it, and have your fun. This

    spell costs 200 MP.
  • Mule:

    Go the the Fishing Hole near Buma. You must trade in 20,000 points to get

    the Water Egg. If you’re short on points, you won’t see the egg as a prize.

    Then take it to Zalan, get the Water Talisman, and kick some butt. This spell

    costs 200 MP.

Platinum Card:

There is a hidden Platinum Card hidden in a crack in the wall were the king

is held.

Vahn’s Moves

Burning Flare:      Right, Down, Left, Down, Left (Hyper) 
Charging Scorch:    Down, Right Up 
Cross Kick:         Down, Down, Down,Up 
Cyclone:            Down, Up, Up, Up 
Fire Blow:          Right, Right, Down, Left (Hyper) 
Hurricane:          Up, Up, Down, Down 
Hyper Elbow:        Left, Right, Left 
PK Combo:           Down, Up, Up, Left 
Power Punch:        Left, Left, Down 
Pyro Pummel:        Left, Right, Up, Left 
Rolling Combo:      Up, Down, Right, Left, Left, Down, Up, Up, Left (Super Art) 
Slash Kick:         Up, Down, Left 
Spin Combo:         Up, Down, Right, Left 
Somersault:         Up, Down, Up 
Tornado Flame:      Right, Right, Left (Hyper)
Tri Somersault:     Up, Down, Up, Up, Up, Down, Up 
Vahn's Craze:       Right, Down, Left, Up, Left, Up, Right, Down, Left (Miracle Art)
Power Slash:        Down, Right, Up, Down, Up, Down, Left(Super)
Fire Tackle:        Left, Right, Left, Left, Down, Right, Up

Gala’s Moves

Back Punch:         Left, Right, Left 
Battering Ram:Left, Right, Down 
Biron Rage:         Right, Right, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Left (Miracle Art) 
Black Rain:         Up, Left, Down, Down
Bull Horns:         Left, Up, Right, Down,Left 
Electro Thrash:Up, Left, Down, Right, Left 
Explosive Fist:Right, Right, Left, Left, Left (Hyper) 
Flying Knee Attack:Down, Up, Left 
Guillotine:    Left, Up, Left 
Head Splitter:Left, Up, Up 
Iron Head:    Up, Down, Down 
Lightning Storm:Right, Right, Up, Left (Hyper) 
Neo Raising:Left, Left, Right, Up, Left 
Neo Raising X2:Left, Right, Left, Up, Left, Left, Right, Up, Left (Super Art) 
Side Kick:    Down, Down, Up, Up 
Thunder Punch:Right, Right, Left (Hyper)
Rushing Crush:      Left, Right, Down, Up, Left, Up, Up(Super)

Noa’s Moves

Acrobatic Blitz:Up, Up, Down, Down 
Bird Step:    Down, Down, Down, Up 
Blizzard Bash:Right, Left, Down, Down 
Dolphin Attack:Right, Right, Left,Right
Dragon Fangs:       Up, Down, Up, Up, Up, Down, Down 
Frost Breath:Left, Left, Right, Right(Hyper) 
Hurricane Kick:Left, Up, Up, Up, Up, Down, Right (Hyper) 
Lizard Tail:Up, Down, Up 
Mirage Lancer:Right, Right, Up,Up 
Noa's Ark:    Left, Up, Right, Down, Up, Left, Up, Down, Right (Miracle Art)
Rushing Gail:Up, Up, Left, Down, Right 
Sonic Javelin:Right, Down, Right 
Super Art           Right, Right, Up, Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right.
Super Javelin:Up, Up, Left, Down, Right, Down, Right (Super) 
Super Tempest:Right, Right, Left, Right, Right, Left, Up, Up, Up (Super) 
Swan Driver:Down, Up, Up, Up 
Tempest Break:Right, Right, Left, Up, Up, Up 
Tough Love:    Down, Up, Down, Left, Right 
Vulture Blade:Left, Left, Right, Left, Right (Hyper)

The following are the amount of HP for all bosses:

Caruban   HP 1000
Songi     HP 3000
Zeto      HP 4500
Berserker Hp 6000
Xain      HP 9000
Songi     HP 12,000
Van Saryu HP 14,000
Dohati    HP 16,000
Gaza      HP 12,000
Gaza      HP 20,000
Che Delilas HP 12,000
Lu Delilas  HP 14,000
Che Delilas HP 16,000
Koru        HP 15,000
Zora        HP 21,000
Rouge       HP 24,000
Jette       HP 28,000
Cort        HP 34,000
Ultimate Songi HP 56,000
Cort        HP 75,000


Fight Hidden Boss Lapis:

Just make sure you are at least at lv.50. All you have to do is go to the top

of Mount Souru and run around until you run into Lapis (don’t be so confident

he’s hard). By the way don’t rely on magic he can drain it.

Baka Fighter:

The buttons to beat the Baka Fighter game in the Muscle Dome: Stage 1-Square Stage 2-X Stage 3-O Stage 4-Square X Xain -X X X O O O Stage 6-O X Stage 7-Square Square Square X X X O O O Stage 8-X O O Stage 9-O Square X Stage 10-O X Square Square Stage 11-O O X Square Stage 12-X X O O X X Square Square Songi-O O O X Square Square X

GameShark Codes

Press L2 for Max HP For Vahnd007b7c00001

Press L2 for Max MP for Vahnd007b7c00001
100 AP for Vahn800848160064

Max AGL for Vahn8008481803e7

Max ATK for Vahn8008481a03e7

Max UDF for Vahn8008481c03e7

Max LDF for Vahn8008481e03e7

Max SPD for Vahn8008482003e7

Max INT for Vahn8008482203e7

Vahn at Level 99800848380063

Press L2 for Max HP for Noad007b7c00001
Press L2 for Max MP for Noad007b7c00001
100 AP for Noa80084c240064
Max AGL for Noa80084c2c03e7

Max ATK for Noa80084c2e03e7

Max UDF for Noa80084c3003e7
Max LDF for Noa80084c3203e7
Max SPD for Noa80084c3403e7
Max INT for Noa80084c3603e7
Noa at Level 9980084c4c0063
Press L2 for Max HP for Galad007b7c00001
Press L2 for Max MP for Galad007b7c00001

100 AP for Gala8008503e0064
Max AGL for Gala8008504003e7
Max ATK for Gala8008504203e7
Max UDF for Gala8008504403e7

Max LDF for Gala8008504603e7
Max SPD for Gala8008504803e7
Max INT for Gala8008504a03e7

Gala at Level 99800850600063

Game Time 0:00:00800845700000

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