Loaded PS Cheats

Hit start to pause at any time during game play. Hold down L1 and L2 for about

15 seconds, until the red selection box cannot be moved anymore. Don’t release

L1 & L2 yet. While continuing to hold them enter the following codes:

Down, R, Circle, L, R, Circle
R, R, L, Down, Down, Up, Triangle, Circle
Down, R, Down, R, Triangle
L, Down, R, Triangle, Square, X,Circle
Smart Bombs:
R1, R2, X, Triangle, Square, Circle, R1, R2, Circle, Circle,    Square
Skip Level: 
X, R1, Triangle, R1, Square, Circle, R2, R2, X, Square, Triangle,    X

These items will now appear permanently on your pause menu. Pause and activate

them with X at any time.

Walking Corpse:

Use the code to enable the health option on the pause menu. Then, go and get

yourself killed. Just after you bite the bullet, pause the game and renew your

health bar. Now, you can walk your dead body around the room you’re in – and

the meanies are powerless to do anything to you (of course, you cannot do anything

to them either) This is especially cool on level 6.

Thanks to Revolution readers Raymond and Bill Schiff!