Madden 2000 PS Cheats

Enter the following at the Code Entry screen:

MINIME Big vs. Small team  
PAINFUL  More injuries 
REFISBLINDFewer penalties 
FIRSTIS20First down after 20 yards   
EXPRESSBALLNo interceptions 
SMACKDOWNSuper stiff arm               
SPRONG  Super jump                   
FRAPLPROMore defensive scoring        
ROLLERGIRLMore fumbles   
PIGSKINSFLY100 yard passes 
POPWARNER5 yard first downs      
FIRSTIS2020 yard first downs     
BIGFOOT100 yard field goals    
FASTFORWARDFast passes             
NO2Super speed burst             
PICKEDOFFMore interceptions            
EXPRESSBALLNo interceptions              
MAGNASAVEReceivers catch better        
QBINTHECLUBLess sacks                   
FINALTIMEQuick fatigue                 
TEFLONHarder to tackle players    
MOEBIUS         Curved space and time  
DRBENWAYDifferent scoring rules       
STATICCLINGElectric sidelines    
VERTIGOCamera follows football                  
TALKINGWHATFloating heads

QUETZLCOATL4th And Incas stadium   
PANCAKESAlpha Blitz stadium
SPACEBALLCosmodome stadium
KLAATUGridiron stadium
DENILENile High stadium
TETANUSHOTSalvage stadium                 
MULENIUMExtra stadiums   
WILDWESTDodge City stadium   
XMASGIFTFrozen stadium
COUNTMADDEN     Maddenstein stadium
FEEDTHELIONSTiberium stadium
WEPUTITTHERETiburon stadium                  
COTTONCANDYTiburon Bros. stadium   

PLAYWTHHEARTVipers team   
XMASFILESToymakers team         
INTHEFUTUREIndustrials team                 
CARNEYClown team              
COWBOYSMarshalls team   
DOASWEDO        Praetorians team
ALLTIMEBEST     Millenium team
TIMELESSMadden Millenium team
MADMADDENJunkyard team
KTHULUMonster team
TREMENDOUS1_2   Sugarbuzz team
WEARETHEGAME    EA Sports team
SHARKATTACK     Tiburon team
OJOBABY        All '60s team   
LOVEBEADSAll '70s team
BIGHAIRAll '80s team   
INTERNSAll '90s team   
GETMEADOCTOR1972 Raiders team   
DONTGOFOR21972 Steelers team   
HACKCHEESE1976 Patriots team   
GAMMALIGHT1976 Raiders team   
BUILDMONKEYS1981 Chargers team   
15MOREMIN1981 Dolphins team   
DOORKNOB1985 Bears team   
CHICKIN1985 Dolphins team   
BLUESCREEN1986 Broncos team   
KAMEHAMEHA1986 Browns team   
CALLMESALLY1988 49ers team   
PTMOMINFOGET1988 Bengals team   
SPOON1990 Bills team   
PROFSMOOTH1990 Giants team   
PREDATORS1995 Colts team   
STEAMPUNK1995 Steelers team   
EARTHPEOPLE1997 Broncos team   
TUNDRA1997 Packers team 



In Franchise Mode release any player and pay him as little as possible. Then

continue to release the same player. This way you will eventuall be able to

pay them only 250K. This works better for players who have been around for a

few years.


GameShark Codes

Home Team Score 0 80071fa20000 
Away Team Score 0 80074da20000 
Home Team Score 99 80071fa20063 
Away Team Score 99 80074da20063 

Thanks to Revolution readers Jason Green, Tremain L. Faulkner, Dave Krempasky,

Patrick Cantlin, AX, coolldude3, Bobby Bashorun, ~HeatHK~, Michael Randall Jr.,

Rich Olmstead, Codeman Nate, Tracy Connerly, Kendall Lamb, Dan Mayer, Mr. Kool

and George PODS!