MDK PS Cheats

Pause the game and enter the following codes...

Air strike:

Down, Up, Circle, Down, Up, Down, L1.

Cow strike:

Up, Down, Down, L1, Right.

Super chain gun:

Left, L1, Down, Square, Triangle, Up, Down.

Thumper weapon:

Down, Up, Left, Left, Triangle, Up, Right, Down.

Twister weapon:

Down, L1, Square, Triangle, Right, Up, X.


Triangle, Circle, Square, Square, L1, Right.

Sniper grenade:

Up, Square, L1, Left, Circle, Triangle, Square.

Homing sniper grenade:

Left, Up, X, Triangle, L1, L1, Right.


Left, L1, Triangle, Square, Right, Circle, Left, Left

Most interesting bomb:

Down, Right, Circle, Circle, Left, Left, Up, Square, Triangle.

Dummy decoy:

X, L1, Right, Circle, X, Up, Square.

Thanks to Revolution readers Michael and Groove Champion!