Metal Slug X PS Cheats

Metal Slug X


Unlock Arcade & Another Mission Levels:

Beat the game in arcade mission mode to unlock all the levels in the “Arcade Mission”

and “Another Mission” options.

Chatty Kathy:

Select Combat School and while it is loading, rapidly press Square until the menu

appears. The instructor will ask if you want to chat with her.

Combat School Rankings:

Rank                Points 
Super Devil         1000 
General of army     990+ 
Lieutenant General  890+ 
Major General       780+ 
Brigadier General   700  
Colonel             650+ 
Lieutenant Colonel  600+ 
Major               575  
Captain             560+ 
1st Lieutenant      550+ 
2nd Lieutenant      500+ 
Chief Warrant Officer 475+ 
Warrant Officer     450+ 
Sergeant Major      425+ 
Master Sergeant     400+ 
Sergeant 1st class  350+ 
Staff Sergeant      300+ 
Sergeant            250+ 
Corporal            200+ 
Private 1st class   150+ 
Private             100+  

Thanks to Revolution readers Camel!