Mortal Kombat 4 PS Cheats

Secret Cheat Menu:

After much initial confusion, the working code has been found! First, you must

go to the 2-player Vs. screen and enter the Kombat Kode 302-213. When

the match starts, quit the game and enter the Options menu. Put the cursor on

the ‘vs. screen enabled’ option and hold block and run for 10 seconds. You’ll

hear some laughter, then the Secret Menu will appear. From here you can toggle

instant fatalities and endings.

  • Ending – Turn ON to see get your character’s ending after only one fight.
  • Fatality 1 – For instant Fatality, hold Down and press HP.
  • Fatality 2 – For instant Fatality, hold Down and press HP.
  • Level Fatality – Will punch opponent into spikes, except in The Prison…

Note: Only one of the above cheats will work at a time.

Play as Goro:

Beat the game with Shinnok, and then go back to the Character select screen

(yes, you must wait through the credits). Select the Hidden option, and then

go up three spaces, over one, and select Shinnok using Block+Run. When you start

the next match, you should be Goro.

Play as Noob Saibot:

Beat the game with Reiko. Then go into the two-player mode, and enter the Noob

Saibot Mode (012-012) as a Kombat Kode. When one of you dies, you’ll go back

to the Character select screen. Go to the Hidden option, go up two spaces and

over one, and select Reiko using Block+Run. You should start the next match

as Noob Saibot. By the way, you can save the game to a memory card after you

have beaten it with Shinnok and Reiko and done the Noob Saibot mode kode so

that you won’t have to do it again…

Play as Meat:

Beat the two-player group mode with all the characters. When you are done the

next character you pick will be Meat. He is a steaming skeleton…

Alternate Costumes:

Press and hold Start while choosing your character. His/Her face will rotate

and you’ll hear a voice confirning a costume switch. Each character has at least

3 alternate costumes (and check out Johnny Cage’s new weapon…).

Character Bios:

To view a character bio go to Kombat Theater and press L1 on the character’s

picture. For Goro’s bio press L1 on the ‘Back’ button.

Kombat Codes
111 111 - Free Weapon
222 222 - Randper Kombat
444 444 - Armed and Dangerous
321 321 - Big Head Mode

555 555 - Weapons will be trown for you to pick up 666 666 - Silent Kombat 002 002 - Keep Weapons 010 010 - Disable Maximum Damage 012 012 - Noob Saibot Mode 020 020 - Rain on Rain Stage 060 060 - No Rain on Mountain Stage

050 050 - Explosive Kombat 123 123 - No Power Bars 100 100 - Disable throws 001 001 - Unlimited Run Stages 011 011 - Goro's Lair 022 022 - Furnace 033 033 - Elder God Stage 044 044 - Kombat Tomb 055 055 - Mountains 066 066 - Reptile's Lair 101 101 - Shaolin Temple 202 202 - Living Forest 303 303 - The Prison Stage

Game Shark Codes

Infinite Health P1800aaba8ffff
Infinite Health P2800aabacffff
Infinite Time 800aa9a00064

Thanks to Revolution readers Joseph Amato, Ross Mead, some guy, Luke Williams,

Chris Whitney, Matt Mosely, Mike Hebert, and Gaurav Chaudhari!