MLB 2000 PS Cheats

Heavy Hitter:

Go to Create player. Put in the name ‘Scott Murray’ or ‘Kelly Flock’. This player

will hit a 606 foot homerun every time.

Automatic Homerun:

While in the batter’s box, switch to ‘power swing’ and press Up + Left + L2

+ R1 + X when the ball is thrown. If you connect, you’ll hit a homerun.

Big Head mode:

At the Start/Options menu, press R1+R2+X+Select. You’ll hear a sound to confirm.

Blooper Video:

Turn on the game, but don’t press any buttons. Let it run all the way through

the introduction and the demo. After that, it will go back to the MLB2000 Logo

and the bloopers video will start.

Hey Batter Batter Swing!:

When you pitch the ball, pause the game when the ball gets halfway to home plate.

Then, resume the game and the batter will swing too late!

GameShark Codes

Infinite Creation Points801e8b28012c

Away Team Score 03001d4590000

Home Team Score 0001d4160000

Away Team Score 503001d4590032

Home Team Score 503001d4160032

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