MLB 2001 PS Cheats

Home Rune Every Time:

While hitting press X, Triangle, Circle, X, X, X.

Strike Everytime while Pitching:

Don’t aim your pitch or anything, and when the ball gets almost to the batter

press Start, the game will pause. Unpause it, this causes the batter to lock

up and he doesn’t swing at the pitch for this to work you have to do it every

pitch its great for those 9th inning save attempts

Super Player:

Enter Scott Murray or any other development team name as a player name at the

player creation screen.


Bloopers Video:

When you turn on the game let it run through the introduction and the demo with

out pressing any buttons. After the demo, the MLB 2001 screen will appear and

after that the bloopers video will start.

GameShark Codes

Infinite Creation Points  801dcc4800c8  
1 Ball For Walk           d00b92740000 

Never Strike Out          800b92720000  
1 Strike For An Out       d00b92720000 
1 Out Per Inning          d00b92700000 
2 Outs Per Inning         d00b92700000 

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