Monster Rancher 2 PS Cheats

Extra Monsters:

Use the following music or videogame CDs to create the following secret monsters.

Monster           CD
Satan Clause      Merry Christmas by Mariah Carey
Happy Mask        Millenium by Backstreet Boys
Moo               Mello Gold by Beck
Tram              Downtown Train by Rod Stewart
Chef              Enema of the State by Blink 182
Express Worm      Licensed to Ill by The Beastie Boys
Eggplantern       Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me Original Sountrack
Mermaid           Disney's The Little Mermaid Original Soundtrack 
Poison            The Matrix soundtrack 
Mia               The Woman in Me by Shania Twain
Swimmer           Nevermind by Nirvana
White Tiger       Dances with Wolves soundtrack
Sueki Suezo       Playstation game 'Monster Rancher'
Dice              Playstation game 'Devil Dice' 
Forward Golem     Playstation game 'Tecmo Super Bowl' 
Shogun            Playstation game 'Brave Fencer Musashi'
Ice Caterpillar   Playstation game 'Ten Pin Alley'
Chloro Jell       Playstation game 'Twisted Metal 2'
Ninja Kato        Playstation game 'Tenchu Stealth Assasins'
Gaboo Soldier     Playstation game 'Metal Gear Solid'
Boxer Bajarl      Playstation game 'Knockout Kings'
Time Noise        Playstation game 'Kagero Deception 2'
Liquid Cube       Playstation game 'Toy Story 2'
Ninja Kato        Playstation game 'March Madness '99'
Kasumi            Playstation game 'Dead or Alive' 

How to get Bajarl:

If you`ve updated your house or stable (barn) every time your asked up to the

year 1012 you will be asked again and if you say yes it will show a little scene

were Colt and your monster look into the canvas over the house you will see

strange little monsters afterwards Mr. Binto will come to collect his pay and

Colt will ask him about a “pot” once he’s done talking he will give you the

pot and you can use it as a secret seasoning and it should say “Bajarl 100%.

Get Ducken From a Disc:

First become an Ima trainer so you can get secret monsters from cd’s. Then put

in Final Fantasy 8, disc 1, at the shrine and poof you’ve got Ducken!

Easy Reset:

Press start and hold it then press select and hold it to. If you hold both buttons

at the same time, a few numbers should appear. When the numbers hit one you

can let go of the buttons and that should reset your game.

To Unlock Pheonix:

After going to the volcano and releasing the Pheonix, the next time you come

you can find a feather in the volcano. Use it as a seasoning to get the pheonix.

It can be unlocked from Mario’s Game Gallery (macintosh) after unlocking it

with the feather.

To Unlock Durahan:

Go on the Parepare adventure and go to the building with the big pumpkin in

front to try and find the old sheath. After you find the old sheath you will

be invited to a tournament where you will receive an item used as a seasoning

in combing to get a Durahan. Note: the old sheath will not always be there.

How to Get Centaur:

When you go to the entry location of Mandy desert go to rank S and you will

see sniper. Press the X button on his picture. If you get to the fourth stage

and lose you will get his spear. He will come back to get it, he will fight

you; but if you win, you get to keep the spear; if you lose he takes it back.

Then if you get the spear, use it as a secret seasoning at the lab and it will

say % 100 centaur.

GameShark Codes

Maximum Funds             80098fbce0ff

Have All Monster Cards    5000cc020000
Maximum Funds             80098fbce0ff
100% Loyalty Ranking      80097a3c00f3 
Killer Monsters!          80097A20 03E7
                          80097A22 03E7
                          80097A24 03E7
                          80097A26 03E7
                          80097A28 03E7
                          80097A2A 03E7

All Techniques            80097b98 0001
                          80097b9a 0001
                          80097b9c 0001
                          80097b9e 0001
                          80097ba0 0001
                          80097ba2 0001

Infinite Dig Time         800D55BC03E7

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