Mortal Kombat: Special Forces PS Cheats

Mortal Kombat: Special Forces


Cheat Mode:

Beat the game and save when asked. Select “Game settings” on the options

menu, and enable the cheats. Load or start a new game to begin with 999

ammo, all weapons, and all combos.


After unlocking cheat mode, turn it on. Start a game and press X, X, X,

Square, Square, Square instead of using medkits and your energy and turbo

bars will refill.


The Shocker  Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Circle, X
Grand Slam   Circle, Ccircle, Circle, X, Square
Spinal Crush Triangle, Circle, X, X, Triangle, Triangle, Circle, Circle
GOTCHA!      Triangle, Ccircle, Circle, X, X, Circle, Square 


Extra Life:

When you start the game instead of going left, go right. There is a garbage

bin, go up to the garbage bin and try to pull it by pressing Down + X or

Triangle or anyone of the buttons for that matter. Once you get it out of

the way go inside and there is a free life and if you go straight you can

push the wall and you’re at the door.


Thanks to Revolution readers Talosyn and Will!