NBA Live 2000 PS Cheats

Unlock Legends:

Enter the following first and last names at the “Create Player” screen. You’ll

see a message to confirm entry. After entering a code, go back to the ‘Game

Setup’ screen and press Circle to bring up the quick menu. Highlight the star

icon and press X to bring up the ‘Unlock Legends’ screen. You can then sign

any unlocked Legend to any team in the league.

Player EraFirst NameLast Name
Andrew Phillip50’sWhizKid
Bill Sharman 50’s CharityStripe
Bob Cousy 50’s B-Balls Cooz
Bob Pettit 50’s Crash Boards
Carlo Braun 50’s Hard Wood
Cliff Hagen 50’s Hook Shot
Dolph Schayes 50’s SetShot
George Yardley 50’s YardBird
Harry Gallatin 50’s IronHorse
Larry Costello 50’s CrossOver
Paul Arizin 50’s Pitchin’Philli
Richard Guerin 50’sPlayMaker
Bill Russell 60’sAllDefensive
Elgin Baylor 60’sOffensiveForce
Hal Greer 60’sJumpShot
Jerry Lucas 60’sLucasLayup
Jerry West 60’sThe Mr.Clutch
Lenny Wilkins 60’sPlayerCoach
Oscar Robertson 60’sBucksBig O
Sam Jones 60’sBankShot
Tommy Heinsohn 60’sFlatShot
Walt Bellamy 60’sNoComment
Willis Reed 60’sSoftTouch
Wilt Chamberlain 60’sBigGoliath
Bill Walton 70’sShotBlocker
Billy Cunningham 70’sLeapingKangaroo
Bob Lanier 70’sBigFoot
Dave Bing 70’sTheDuke
Dave Cowens 70’sRedHead
Earl Monroe 70’sMagicPearl
John Havlicek 70’sJohnHondo
Nate Archibald 70’sBigTiny
Pete Maravich 70’sPassingPistol
Rick Barry 70’sFoulShot
Walt Frazier 70’sCoolClyde
Wes Unseld 70’sGlassCleaner
Charles Barkley 80’s Mound ofRebound
Dominique Wilkins 80’s HighLight
Earvin Johnson 80’s MagicalGuard
George Gervin 80’s ChilledIceman
Hakeem Olajuwon 80’s The Dream Machine
Isiah Thomas 80’s Bad BoyZeke
James Worthy 80’s BigGame
Julius Erving 80’s Doctor’s In
Kevin McHale 80’s SixthMan
Larry Bird 80’s CelticsPride
Michael Jordan 80’s Come FlyWith Me
Moses Malone 80’sFree Throws
Robert Parish 80’sCelticChief
David Robinson 90’sSpursAdmiral
Gary Payton 90’sHumanGlove
Grant Hill 90’sClassAct
John Stockton 90’sJazzMan
Karl Malone 90’sMailmanDelivers
Mitch Richmond 90’sLiveCoverman
Patrick Ewing 90’sPlayerPresident
Reggie Miller 90’sOutsideThreat
Scottie Pippen 90’sCompleteGame
Shaquille O’Neal 90’sLittleWarrior
Shawn Kemp 90’sPowerDunker


Posession Glitch:

When the CPU passes the ball from one half of the court to another, pause the

game while the ball is still in the air (try to get it before it passes the

half court line). Then unpause the game, the ball should go out of bounds to

give you another possesion!

GameShark Codes

Home Team Scores 255    800ae11800ff 
Home Team Scores 0      800ae1180000 
Unlock All Legends      500400020000 

Infinite Home Timeouts  800ae1200007 

Max Stats               d008235a0bb8 
Infinite Shot           800b59300330 
Clock Time              800b9ff20107 

Unlock All Legends      500004020000  

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