NBA Live ’98 PS Cheats

Easter Egg Codes:

To enable Easter Egg codes –

  • Start a game and advance to the User Setup screen.
  • At the User Setup screen, start a new user name and enter the name ‘Secrets’.
  • Confirm the name by pressing START, and a new SECRETS option appears at the bottom of the screen.
  • Press Circle to activate the Secrets menu. From here you can type in new codes and activate codes you’ve already entered.


Seaweed – Underwater court

Scary – Halloween Team Home (Costumes on

players – Alien, Clown, Adorable Pin, Mummy)

Freaky – Halloween Team Away (same as above)

Cloak home – Home players are invisible

Cloak away – Away players are invisible

Eyepatch – Create players with eyepatches

Monocle – Create players with monocles

Toque – Create players with EA Toque

Prisoners – Prisoners

Lizard – Chameleon home

Reptile – Chameleon away

Pin rocks – Enables Adorable Pin in Halloween codes

Note: All Easter Eggs are case sensitive.

For cool custom teams, go to ‘Create Custom Team’ and enter:

City           Team name
EA                Europals
Hitmen            AllSorts
Hitmen            Coders
Hitmen            Earplugs
Hitmen            Idlers
Hitmen            Pixels
QA                Campers
QA                DBuggers
QA                Testtubes
TNT               Blasters

Granny free throw:

Hold R1 while shooting a free throw.

Spinning ball before free throw:

Hold R1 + L1 and press X when the ball is moving on the “T” power bar.

Warm-up shot:

Hold L1 while shooting a free throw.

Game Shark Codes

Away Team Score 08007f578 0000
Away Team Score 1508007f578 0096
Home Team Score 08007e114 0000
Home Team Score 1508007e114 0096

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