NCAA Football 2001 PS Cheats

NCAA Football 2001


Cheat Mode:

Enter one of the following at the secret codes screen.

BULLDOZER    Juggernaut team for create a school
HEADCOACH    Max recruting points
BALLER       Max attribute points
DAYNIGHT     Faster daytime effects
OSKIE        Defense always intercepts
Y2K          Change the date 
SAFETY       Wind at max
HANDSOFGLUE  Always catch
OPENSESEME   All stadiums unlocked
CEMENTFEET   Slower players     
POPULARITY   Full poll          
BRICKWALL    Defense always tackles            
ICBM         Awesome Kicks
FRANKENSTEIN Bigger walk-ons
PHYSICAL     Better defense
GO DEEP      They Catch better

Touchdown Celebrations:

Before entering the endzone, hold L1 + L2, then repeatedly tap one of the

following buttons after scoring.

Heismen Pose

Repeatedly tap X.

Ball Spike

Repeatedly tap Circle.

Muscle Flexing

Repeatedly tap Square.

Back Flip

Repeatedly tap Triangle.

Spin the Ball

Repeatedly tap R1.

Thanks to Revolution readers Brandon Drake, Mike Tinkdawg Timmins, Wesley

Weaver and Mark Armentano!