Need for Speed PS Cheats

Lunar Springs Track:

Start a new game, and at the Game Mode screen, select One Player. Select Tournament, and enter the password MQKZCL. Press Start, and at Race location screen, press S. This takes you back to the Race Type screen. Enter Single Race. At the Race Location screen, highlight the Rusty Springs track and simultaneously press and hold L1, R1, and T. A new track appears!!!


Start a game in Head to Head mode, pick your car, then your opponent's. Then press and hold Up-Left, L1, O, and S. Hold these buttons through the loading screen. When the race starts, instead of a horn (usually activated by pressing Up), you have a machine gun!!!

Lost Vegas Track:

Select Tournament Mode and enter the password: TSYBNS, then press start. When you cycle through tracks at Race Locations screen, check out the new track!!

Note: For the following tricks to work, you must have entered the Lost Vegas code.

Rally Mode:

Select either Time Trial, Head to Head, or Single Race. Simultaneously press and hold L1 and R1 at any track at the Race Location screen. The name changes....

Warrior Car:

Select either Time Trial, Head to Head, or Single Race mode. At car-select screen, simultaneously press and hold L1, L2, R1, R2. A new car appears...

No-Mercy Mode:

At Race Type screen, simultaneously press L1 and R1. Head to Head mode now changes to No Mercy...

Arcade Mode:

At Race Location screen, scroll down to the number of laps and simultaneously press and hold L1 and R1. The mode changes to Arcade Mode.

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