Need for Speed: High Stakes PS Cheats

Enter the following as usernames.

HOTROD      Unlock Hot Rod bonus car
FLASH       Unlock Phantom bonus car
BIGOVEN     All cops speak English
WHIRLY      Fly a helicopter 
NFS_PD      Drive a cop car

Bonus Cars:

Complete Hot Pursuit mode with each police car to get a new car (BMW M5, Corvette,

Porche, Carprice and Lamborghini).

Slower opponents:

Choose Tournament or Special Events mode. Select your car, press Start, and

immediately hold Left + Square + Circle through the loading screen.

Heavier car:

Choose Single Race, Test Drive, or Hot Pursuit mode. Select your car, press

Start, and immediately hold Left + Square + Circle through the loading screen.

Continue to hold the buttons until the loading screen disappears.


Select any mode and select a track. Immediately press Up + Triangle + X and

hold through the loading screen. This should enable the dashboard.

Turbo Mode:

Once you enable the Dashboard view, hold down the horn to accelerate faster.

Quick money:

You need 2 memory cards and you must own a car to do this trick. Copy your High

Stakes file from the first card to the second card. Race in High Stakes mode,

pause game play, and have player 2 intentionally forfeit the race. You’ll now

have two of the same car on the first memory card. Sell ’em for extra money,

or keep ’em around as backups!

Drunk mode:

Pick a car and start a race. Immediately press Up + L2 + R1 and hold through

the loading screen. The screen will now be blurred…

Easier Tickets:

Start Pursuit Mode and choose a cop car. When the game starts, press L1+Up to

turn off the sirens. The person you’re chasing will slow down. When you’ve caught

up to him, press L1+Up to turn your sirens back on, then pull him over.

Turn signal/headlights:

Hold L1 and press Left or Right to use the turn signals, press Up for the headlights

and Down to turn on the hazard lights.

Super police cars:

To unlock the ability to be the super police cars, you have to arrest 10 speeders

within the time limit.

Extra time:

Don’t enter a name to get more time in one player Hot Pursuit.

Any car, any Tournament:

Complete every Tournament. Now you can drive any car in any tournament.

GameShark Codes

Infinite Cash80115da63b00

99 Points80115eb40063

Have All Gold Medals30115f810001

Infinite Pursuit Time8005e1ee2400

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